Dr. Frank Preston Haynes Jr., 81, ran dental practice in Randallstown home

March 10, 1997|By Mary Gail Hare | Mary Gail Hare,SUN STAFF

Dr. Frank Preston Haynes Jr., who practiced dentistry until he was 75, died of cancer Friday at his home in Randallstown. He was 81.

Dr. Haynes closed his home office six years ago but maintained all his records. His patients had included many generations of local families, and many still called him with questions.

At one time "he was the only family dentist in Randallstown -- a real one-man operation," said a daughter, Barbara Haynes Livesay of San Diego.

"There was no receptionist, no nurse, and the local farmers often paid him with fruits and vegetables."

L Once, a patient brought him two guinea pigs to cover a bill.

"Farmers were always handing us stuff and telling us to give it to Dad," said another daughter, Rebecca S. Haynes of Randallstown.

Dr. Haynes never "chased down a patient for money or sued anybody over a bill," Ms. Livesay said. "When he retired, he burned the black book where he kept his accounts."

Born in Baltimore, Dr. Haynes attended Forest Park High School and graduated in 1940 from Emory University in Atlanta, with a degree in dentistry.

He paid for that education with a drum set.

"He drummed his way through school with a Joe Templeton's Jazz Band," Ms. Livesay said.

She said her father regaled his six children with tales of late-night gigs in Atlanta clubs -- for so little money that band members could only rent one car and had to take turns riding on its running boards.

The doctor kept his drums in the basement so he could turn up the stereo and accompany big-band music.

"The house really rocked," said a son, Richard G. Haynes of Eldersburg.

Dr. Haynes carried his drumsticks with him during his World War II service, often tapping them on trees to ease tension. He was a captain in the Army and saw combat during the Normandy invasion.

After the war, he remained active in the 29th Division of the National Guard, retiring as a lieutenant colonel about 20 years ago.

He began his dental career by joining his father's practice on Calvert Street, moving in 1956 to Randallstown where he opened an office in his home.

Dr. Haynes took an active role in his community, founding the local Lions Club and serving for many years as a Boy Scout leader. He was a charter member of Milford Mill United Methodist Church. He also served on the board of directors for a local savings and loan association.

"On Sundays, all of us went to church, then to see our grandmother, and then all six of the children would wait in the car, while Dad appraised a house," said Ms. Livesay.

An avid boater, Dr. Haynes often took the family on trips along the Chesapeake Bay.

Dr. Haynes learned he had cancer when he was 39, but he told the doctors then that they had to save his life because he had six children.

He lost two daughters, Mary Catherine Haynes and Nancy Patricia Coan, to the disease. His wife, the former Eudora Jackson, died in 1995 after 53 years of marriage.

Services will be at 1 p.m. Wednesday at Milford Mill United Methodist Church, 915 Milford Mill Road.

Other survivors include a son, Frank P. Haynes III of Troutdale, Ore.; a sister, Katherine Hane of Queenstown; and nine grandchildren.

The family suggested memorial donations to the Johns Hopkins Pediatric Oncology Department.

Pub Date: 3/10/97

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