Dr. Donald D. Flickinger, 89, an early expert on space...


March 09, 1997

Dr. Donald D. Flickinger, 89, an early expert on space medicine who, as a World War II flight surgeon, parachuted into the Himalayas to rescue downed fliers and later helped select the first seven Mercury astronauts, died of congestive heart failure Feb. 23 at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington.

Dr. Flickinger retired from the Air Force in 1961 as a brigadier general and later was a consultant to NASA and other agencies.

Dr. Waldo Nelson, 98, author of a classic pediatrics textbook, died March 2 at his home in Gladwyne, Pa. He had been chairman of the department of pediatrics at Temple University and medical director of St. Christopher's Hospital, both in Philadelphia.

Dr. Nelson was known to generations of doctors whom he did not train directly through writing what is now known as "Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics."

Ann Odre, 73, who was wounded in the May 1981 assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II, died Thursday in Buffalo, N.Y. Mrs. Odre, who ran a beauty shop in Buffalo, was standing on a chair trying to get a view of John Paul in St. Peter's Square in Rome when she was hit in the chest by a bullet that had passed through the pope. She had to undergo four operations in the next six months.

Cheddi Jagan, 78, president of Guyana, died yesterday at Walter Reed Army Medical Center three weeks after suffering a heart attack.

A U.S.-trained dentist, he helped lead Guyana to independence from British colonial rule in 1966. As head of the People's Progressive Party, he was elected president in 1992, ending 28 consecutive years of People's National Congress rule.

Pub Date: 3/09/97

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