Taxes pay price for civilization

March 08, 1997|By HANLEY J. NORMENT

Your editorial of March 3, ''Taxing dilemma in Annapolis,'' presents several viewpoints that the Maryland NAACP also advocates.

The observation that ''any tax cut must be done responsibly . . . (and) could mean settling for a smaller tax reduction,'' hits the target. So does your view that ''an income-tax cut isn't worth it if it leads to years of deep deficits or major spending contractions in important programs.''

If we must cut tax and/or enhance revenue, we should not do so in a regressive manner. But how ever we respond to the tax-cut fever, we should never forget the wisdom said to have been uttered by the late, revered Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr., ''Taxes are the price we pay for the civilization in which we live.''

Hanley J. Norment

Silver Spring

The writer is president of the Maryland Sate Conference of Branches of the NAACP.

Pub Date: 3/08/97

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