Family aid

March 01, 1997

THANKS to a 53-46 vote in the U.S. Senate, foreign aid funds for family planning programs will not be subjected to a punitive and administratively wasteful delay, as last year. That is good news for families around the world that depend on these programs for contraceptives and reproductive health care.

U.S. law has long prohibited the use of aid funds for abortions, and abortion is illegal in most countries that receive family planning aid. That hasn't stopped abortion opponents from opposing programs that help families space their children far enough apart to give infants a better chance of survival and mothers a better chance of preserving their health.

Too often, there seems to be little common ground between opponents and supporters of legal abortion. It's good that both houses of Congress have now indicated that access to family planning is one area that should elicit agreement.

Pub Date: 3/01/97

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