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February 28, 1997|By Julius Westheimer

As March nears, here are some fresh suggestions about your money: "Don't wait until Christmas to make stock gifts to your foundation," warns Ernst & Young. "Tax provisions allowing a full market value deduction for publicly traded stock donated to private foundations are slated to expire May 31."

Tax Hotline's March issue reminds us that April 15 is less than seven weeks away. The newsletter cautions: "There's a trap in relying on your 1995 return as a 1996 guide. There are significant differences."

CNBC reports that 40 percent of Americans own stocks directly or through mutual funds, retirement accounts, or other investments, almost double the percentage five years ago.

Well-known Baltimore-based issues recently in 12-month "New High" listings include Alex. Brown Inc., Legg Mason Inc., USF&G Corp., Rouse Co. and McCormick & Co. Inc. Financial planner Morry Zolet says these Maryland issues are showing strength: CACI International, Columbia Bancorp, Guilford Pharmaceutical, Sylvan Learning Systems.

Black & Decker appears sixth from the top in Fortune's March 3 listing of "Corporate Reputations: Industrial and Farm Equipment." Caterpillar ranks No. 1.

Bethesda-based Lockheed Martin stock appears in Financial World, March 18, under "selected stocks to appreciate more in 1997 than the S&P 500 index."

"Stockbrokers expect the bull market to end this year," says Worth magazine, March. "A survey of 259 brokers predicts the Dow will be below 6,000 by Dec. 31."

Adviser Laszlo Birinyi, who's more optimistic, says in Barron's, Feb. 24, "The Dow could smash through another 1,000-point marker this year, reaching and possibly climbing above DJ 8,000."

But, he warns, "My greatest concern is when people become so confident in stocks that they sell their money-market funds to go into stocks. But we aren't there yet."

The latest Kiplinger Washington Letter says chances for a lower capital gains tax this year are "the best shot in years."

Want to start an investment club? The new address for National Association of Investment Clubs is 711 W. 13-Mile Road, Madison Heights, Mich. 48071. Phone: 810-583-6242. The NAIC distributes free information on starting and operating investment clubs.

"Write down the reason that you bought a stock. If the reason is no longer valid, sell." (Moneypaper, February.)

Pub Date: 2/28/97

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