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February 20, 1997|By Stephanie Shapiro

For these stylish Baltimoreans, style is not an end in itself. Rather, it's part of the fabric of their lives, defined by career paths, avocations, journeys, circumstance and sensibilities. And over the years, they have discovered sources and services that have polished the style that sets them apart. They have found a great place to buy shoes, the unique little boutique that speaks their language, the cherished masseuse who arrives blessedly at the door to knead away a month's worth of stress. Here, for your own style data bank, is a far-ranging roster of favorite things, from manicurists to botanicals, outlets to Saks, Florence to Federal Hill.

Joyce Baker

A consultant for customer service programs and merchandising for the Rouse Co. and other developers, Joyce Baker, 49, is also a seasoned personal shopper. And she still loves doing it for herself. After years of searching for "must haves" for clients, the maven of Owings Mills Mall has learned not to obsess on the most expensive items during her own shopping expeditions. It's important not to be "so focused," she says. "Not everything has to be genuine."

Perfume: I'll go from Banana Republic unisex fragrance, to Chanel 22 to Bob Mackie to samples.

Jewelry: From J. Brown Jewelers to a sale table for 99 cent-ers. Whatever works. It's all about your priorities.

Dry cleaners: Betty Brite to Beltway Cleaners. Beltway picks up at my house. But if I need something right away, I'll go to Betty.

Hairstylist and colorist: Betty Seidel at Rainbow Hair Designers in Owings Mills. She knows everything there is to know about me. If she says, "I think it's time to change your hair," I say, "Fine, let's do it." She takes care of everything.

Trainer: Glenn Berger comes to the house from 9 until 10 a.m. on Saturdays. He's also at Sinai Fitness. I need convenience, same as the Beltway Cleaner. It's perfect for me.

Manicure and pedicures: Magic Nail on Reisterstown Road. Jennifer does my nails. Her sister does my toes. They split me up.

Body lotion: I go from Lubriderm to Garden Botanica to samples from a hotel, as long as whatever I'm using I don't feel like an alligator.

Makeup: There is a certain makeup I use -- Pan-Stik by Max Factor. I've been using it for 25 years. I called a friend, a distributor who did me the biggest favor of my life. He sent me a case of that. All I need to get more is go into my own store, better known as my closet. That goes as well for Revlon's Orange Flip lipstick and nail polish.

Anne Boucher

Anne Boucher, 59, artist and volunteer extraordinaire who has given countless hours to CARE, the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, the Red Cross, the Maryland Commission for Women and the Medical Eye Bank's Eye Ball, has learned to do more with less. And savors the challenge.

Source for the color black: I get black turtlenecks from the Gap. And I just discovered stirrup pants. I get them from Target.

Story behind a favorite possession: I have a collection of scarves I got in St. Barts that were handmade by David Picon. They are beautiful, silk chiffon. I've seen him make and hang them on the line after they're done, blowing in the wind. He made me a special one. I have a fetish for hearts and he made me one in olive green and black with hearts.

Shampoo: I do like that Mane 'n Tail shampoo; it leaves my hair nice and shiny. I found a whole batch of it at the dollar store at the Hunt Valley Mall.

Elusive beauty items: There are two things I wish I could find: Those silk beauty spots backed with adhesive that you put on your face. My mother always wore them. And those wonderful, feathery powder puffs.

Yesteryear accessory: I did love glamour when I was younger. I had the most wonderful ostrich feather boa when I was 21. It was 6 feet long. I would really love to find one just like it.

Moisturizer: I like Pond's as well as any.

Perfume: That's an integral part of my life, like music. Red Door by Elizabeth Arden is one of my favorites. Red Door bath gel is just heaven. And the eau de parfume is just as good as perfume. I love Carolina Herrera, it's a wonderful, wonderful smell.

Edie Brown

After years of modest self-denial, Edie Brown, 63, the Baltimore Arena's down-to-earth publicist for 18 years, now has several luxurious rituals to look forward to, week to week and month to month. "In the past year, I've decided I was going to smell the roses a little bit more," she says.

Personal trainer: Melyssa St. Michael. She's a trainer/nutritionist and she's been wonderful. I never thought I could get thin, but I've gone from a size 12 to a size 8 in three or four months.

Masseuse: Lori Storm. She brings her massage table and I get a massage at home, which is lovely.

Nails: Now I get my nails done once a week downtown at Cheryl's. I walk there.

Hairstylist: I go to Corbin for my hair. I had been going to him at the Colonnade, then I started going to him at Patrick's, then back to the Colonnade, then to Towson, then back to the Colonnade. I've been going to him for eight years.

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