Couple takes wedding to work 19 ceremonies keep courthouse staff busy on Valentine's Day

February 16, 1997|By Anne Haddad | Anne Haddad,SUN STAFF

After their Valentine's Day wedding, the bride and groom went to Martin's.

That sounds like a typical Carroll County postnuptial tradition, except that it was not the chandeliered Martin's Westminster banquet hall but the fluorescent-tubed Martin's grocery store at Routes 140 and 97.

And after Martin's, the newlyweds went across the street to Burger King for a wedding breakfast -- on the house for the couple who met while working at the fast-food franchise two years ago.

"I had a sausage, egg and cheese biscuit, and Margaret had a ham, egg and cheese biscuit combo," said Samuel Hazlegrove III, the bridegroom. Margaret Hazlegrove is his bride.

The Hazlegroves were among 19 couples to get married Friday at the Carroll County Courthouse Annex.

The clerks had to turn down other requests. One couple came in anyway, on the chance they could be fitted in, and they took the place of a no-show, said Jean Seitz, supervisor of land records, and one of the staff who took turns officiating for the loving couples.

Seitz particularly remembers the day's first couple, Lorraine Dubbs, 69, and Kenneth Runk, 70, childhood sweethearts who were reunited a few years ago.

"They were so cute," Seitz said of the York, Pa., couple.

The Burger King love story led to a second wedding for both bride and groom.

The new Mrs. Hazlegrove, 42, had taken a second job in the restaurant two years ago to make ends meet after separating from her first husband. Her nursing-home job wasn't enough to pay the bills. Mr. Hazlegrove, 50, was already working at Burger King.

"He was a nice guy," Mrs. Hazlegrove said. "We just got acquainted and got used to each other and started going together more. My kids love him."

The family lives in Westminster. She has twin sons, Carl and Eric Havelin, 11, from her first marriage. Carl went to the wedding, but Eric was home with a sprained foot.

Mrs. Hazlegrove had once worked at Martin's, and she stopped there Friday to see deli worker Pat Peeling, a close friend and surrogate mother since Mrs. Hazlegrove's mother died.

"She wanted to see my wedding dress," Mrs. Hazlegrove said.

Peeling and shoppers in Martin's on Friday morning got to see Mrs. Hazlegrove's puff-sleeved, light-pink-satin, low-cut dress. She wore a white headdress and veil.

She may wear the dress again. The couple hopes to get married in a Roman Catholic church in the summer, if Mr. Hazlegrove's first marriage is annulled.

The stop at Burger King was to see her co-workers (Mr. Hazlegrove has taken a job at Popeye's across the street) and hand out roses to some of the women who couldn't leave the egg-and-biscuit shift to attend the ceremony.

Friday night, the family and close friends celebrated at the home of the bridegroom's parents, Mildred and Samuel Hazlegrove Jr., in Owings Mills.

The cake was from Martin's bakery.

Pub Date: 2/16/97

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