Judge reduces man's sentence after emotional letter from son

February 14, 1997

Circuit Judge Luke K. Burns Jr. reduced the prison sentence yesterday of a Westminster man from five years to 18 months because he was touched by a letter from the defendant's 8-year-old son.

Burns told Harold L. Brightful, who was sentenced in December for fighting with officers during a drug raid last year, that the correspondence from his son was "some letter."

"The main reason I am [modifying the sentence] is for your family and for your son," Burns told Brightful, nodding toward the defendant's mother, wife and three children.

Burns ordered Brightful, 34, to serve the reduced term at the Carroll County Detention Center. If Brightful completes a drug program and stays out of trouble, Burns said, he would consider him for work release.

Brightful had filed a motion to have his sentence modified.

East Middle 'mathletes' take part in competition

East Middle School students recently participated in the Math Counts Chapter Competition at Walkersville Middle School, Frederick County.

The school's team consisted of Carl Muller, Marcie McConville, Angie Fiore and Kelly Criss. Sixth-grade participants were Laura Cox, Michael Henry, Neil Feldman, Andrew Haff and Angela Wells.

Engineering and technical industries sponsor the annual competition to encourage "mathletes" in their interest in mathematics.

Pub Date: 2/14/97

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