Accident was a tragedy for the Israeli people2 The writer...


February 11, 1997

Accident was a tragedy for the Israeli people

2 The writer is president of Baltimore Heritage.

I would like the city to consider giving run-down houses to the adjoining homeowner.

The city could offer $10,000 toward remodeling these houses to create a double-wide row house for the existing, responsible homeowner.

By creating a double-wide house, the renovation costs could be kept down in the vacant houses because there would be no need for kitchen facilities or extensive plumbing for multiple bathrooms as these already are presumably in use in the existing inhabited house.

The city would benefit by saving on the demolition cost and the new house would create increased tax revenue. The homeowner would benefit from doubling the size of the existing house for very little money. By preserving the existing architecture and flavor, the neighborhood would not look like a smile with a couple of teeth missing.

Louis J. Nehmsmann


Pub Date: 2/11/97

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