Spread the wealthIt was with great interest that I read...


February 09, 1997

Spread the wealth

It was with great interest that I read the Sun article on Jan. 23 of the intention of Gov. Parris N. Glendening and the General Assembly to give the University of Maryland $35 million for the design and construction of a new basketball arena.

Perhaps the governor could find it in his heart to fork over a few bucks to one of the other state universities in need of a new basketball floor.

Towson State University has ordered a new floor for the Towson Center that will cost about $110,000. It has been brought to my attention that Towson State will not be receiving one cent from the state of Maryland to help cover the cost of the project.

It absolutely amazes me how the Division I colleges in the Baltimore area are ignored year after year by sports media in this town. I guess they can now count on being ignored by Annapolis as well.

Robert Dickerson


Cameron older than Cole

The article in the Jan. 23 sports section by Don Markus headlined "UM needs $25M gift for arena" was obviously written in great haste and with very little research. His statement that Cole Field House is the oldest arena in the Atlantic Coast TTC Conference is incorrect. Duke's Cameron Indoor Stadium predates Cole by many years.

Gordon Carroll


Editor's note: Two ACC arenas are older than Cole Field House, which opened in 1955. Cameron Indoor Stadium opened in 1940, and North Carolina State's Reynolds Coliseum opened in 1949.

Case against deer hunting

Every fall, The Sun and other media sources disseminate erroneous data about multiplying deer populations, which, it is espoused, must be reduced. There is really only one irresponsible species that over-populates -- our human species.

In a natural, untampered environment, when faced with overpopulation or insufficient food supplies, the doe will absorb her embryo. For the hunter to be able to play at what he likes to promote as "sport," deer herds are purposely manipulated by the Department of Natural Resources to assure that their numbers will increase. Two of the most prevalent ways of holding this are creating more food in sanctioned hunting areas and altering the predator-to-prey ratio.

Conversely, in refuges where there is no hunting, natural order maintains deer herd size to limits that are tolerable for the herd, and for predators who tend to weed out the ailing and elderly members. Nature works perfectly when there is no human tampering or interference. Yet, every year, the hunters and their mouthpiece, the DNR, lie. All for a lowly 7 percent of our population who repugnantly wave about the euphemism "conservation" as an excuse for their blood lust.

Louis Levin

Owings Mills

A special family

We are writing in regard to John Steadman's column on Feb. 2. Steadman's column was a sequel to the previous ones he had written about Brenda Bower Herzog, the young women injured six years ago when a horse threw her. We have known Brenda and her parents for 30 years. The courage, faith and incredible sense of humor these people have displayed since the accident are an inspiration to all who know them. Little Maggie Mae is a lucky baby to have parents like Brenda and Mike.

Fran and Fred Fulford


Call it John Unitas Field

Art Modell's fun house and personal money font takes slow shape daily out of the mud of South Baltimore, soon to replace as a landmark the triple tanks filled with natural gas at Baltimore Gas and Electric's Spring Gardens facility. But before the final course of brick is smoothed out and the last seat is placed, let it be rather a cathedral to a stoop-shouldered, bow-legged Lithuanian-American who wore high-topped cleats and whose heart pumped ice water instead of blood 60 minutes every Sunday in years past.

The building can only be named John Unitas Field. After all, he got us there first. Let the campaign begin!

Bob Blatchley


Put Baltimore back in O's

This letter is directed to all real Baltimore Orioles fans. It is time we take our team back from the wine-drinking, brie-eating, third-inning-appearing, seventh-inning-leaving, Redskins-loving, Volvo-driving, designer-underwear-wearing, phony transplanted fans of the Washington D.C./Northern Virginia area.

We are the BALTIMORE Orioles, not just the Orioles or the Mid-Atlantic Orioles. We must rally the troops and have a campaign this year. We have demands: 1. Put "Baltimore" on the road uniforms; 2. Stop the D.C. influence on the stadium; 3. No YMCA (nor any other music from the disco era); 4. Begin to develop young talent (not the talent to sign free agents); 5. At least lower the price of beer.

Folks, the rich, elite D.C. crowd is stealing our team and driving up the prices at the game, but this year we must unite and take it back. We have met the enemy and they live a half hour away from Camden Yards. Rise up and fight back! Or, just throw popcorn and peanut shells at them until they leave.

Mark F. O'Donnell


Brady and the Babe

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