Rockers' Brose takes skills contest

February 09, 1997|By Doug Brown

The Detroit Rockers' Dennis Brose, the NPSL's leading scorer, upheld his reputation as a sharpshooter by winning the All-Star Skills Challenge yesterday at the Baltimore Arena.

Brose scored 80 points in the five events for the $750 first prize. The Cleveland Crunch's Zoran Karic was second, followed by the Cincinnati Silverbacks' Franklin McIntosh , Cleveland's Nikola Vignjevic and the Spirit's Bo Vuckovic.

The event winners:

Shooting for accuracy (eight shots from 35 feet at six targets in the goal): Brose, 25 points.

Long distance shot (a shot had to hit the net before hitting the nTC ground for a player to advance to the next distance -- 45, 70, 100, 135): Vuckovic (only one to score from 135 feet), 25 points.

Speed shot (three shots from 30 feet, timed by radar gun): Brose, 71 mph, 25 points

Super shootout (each player had 30 seconds to take as many shots as possible from a 24-foot arc at two holes in a banner placed over the goal): Karic, 25 points.

Head tennis (three-man teams played a game similar to volleyball but without using their hands): National Conference (each player on that team got 10 points; each player on American got five).

Pub Date: 2/09/97

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