Student catches College Board in an error

February 06, 1997|By LOS ANGELES TIMES

Guess who flunked the SAT?

The College Board itself.

Admitting it made a mistake in a math problem, the organization that oversees the Scholastic Assessment Test, the most widely used college admissions exam, is adjusting the scores of 45,000 students -- upward, by as much as 30 points.

The mistake was detected by a student who alerted the College Board and the Educational Testing Service, which devises the questions, that an algebra item had more than one correct answer, depending on how part of it was interpreted.

As a result, most scores will be increased by 10 points, but a "very few" will be raised 20 or 30 points, the College Board said, without saying how one question could make such a difference.

Pub Date: 2/06/97

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