25 years ago The staff of the Taneytown Library wishes to...


February 02, 1997|By Compiled from the archives of the Historical Society of Carroll County.

25 years ago The staff of the Taneytown Library wishes to thank each friend who helped make the past year another milestone in the effort to serve the community with reading materials. Approximately 27,000 books, magazines and records were placed in circulation. Every family is welcome to use the library, as long as books are returned promptly when they are due. -- The Carroll Record, Jan. 6, 1972.

50 years ago "The Carroll County Medical Society is on record as approving a maternity hospital at Westminster as a proper memorial to the men and women of Carroll County who served during World War II. Many of the physicians who are engaged in the active practice of medicine in this community feel that the Carroll County Medical Society's proposal for a small maternity hospital and accident room has not been given the proper consideration by the Carroll County War Memorial Fund Committee. During the past year, the Carroll County War Fund Committee has not had the advice of any practicing physician. The doctors who have attended their meetings and presumably guided them in reaching their decision on this medical matter are all state-employed doctors on salaries; doctors who do not practice medicine, but who are administrators or health officers. They are fine men in their line, but they do not have to wrestle with accident problems or maternity cases. They do not know, first hand, the urgent need for some type of facilities for the proper treatment of emergency cases or for some arrangement for temporary care of them. Respectfully yours, C. L. Billingslea, M.D." -- Democratic Advocate, Jan. 3, 1947.

75 years ago One of the worst snow storms in several years visited this section on Wednesday, piling the snow quite deep in many places notwithstanding the fact that it was very heavy and accompanied by rain at times. Telephone lines suffered considerably, many poles being broken by the weight. The electric line between here and Hagerstown also shared in the trouble and we were without current during the afternoon. Our trouble men had even worse experience; first starting out in "Lizzie," but after following the line for a mile or more were obliged to return. Next, they left in a sleigh drawn by a pair of mules, which upon encountering a four- or five-foot snow drift, as is customary with these animals, indulged in the rolling stunt. After several of these demonstrations, the cross-piece, single trees and clips were broken. They were next unhitched and led out of the deep snow and the vehicle pulled and carried to them where emergency repairs were made before hitching up. The return trip was made without finding any trouble on the local company's lines. -- Union Bridge Pilot, Jan. 13, 1922.

100 years ago Our genial proprietor, S. A. Crabbs, having recently taken possession of the new addition to the Windsor House, gave a royal banquet to his many friends on Dec. 29, of which 126 persons partook. There were 18 from among the oldest men present seated at the first table. Their total ages were 1,832 years, an average of 74 years. This is said to be the largest gathering of old men that has ever assembled on a like occasion within New Windsor district. The affair proved an occasion of genuine enjoyment for all the guests, and is only another manifestation of the hospitality and large-heartedness for which the host is so justly noted. The menu consisted of oysters, turkey and chicken. -- Democratic Advocate, Jan. 2, 1897.

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