Santa to make annual tour of neighborhood streets tonight


December 24, 1996|By Bonita Formwalt | Bonita Formwalt,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

CHILDREN will welcome Santa this evening on the 60th annual visit sponsored by the Glen Burnie Improvement Association, with the help of the Glen Burnie Volunteer Fire Company.

5: 30 p.m. -- Georgia Avenue and Maple Lane; Maple Lane and Virginia Avenue; Virginia Avenue and Crain Highway; New Jersey Avenue and Oak Lane; Maple Lane and New Jersey Avenue; Linden Lane and New Jersey Avenue; Linden Lane and Greenway; Greenway and Oak; Greenway and Maple Lane; Central Avenue and D Street.

6 p.m. -- Circle Brownshade Drive, Central Avenue and B Street; First Avenue and A Street; First Avenue and B Street; First Avenue and Maple Lane; First Avenue cul-de-sac; Second Avenue and D Street; Second and Glenview avenues; Glenview and Third avenues; Third Avenue and D Street; Oak Lane and Second Avenue; Second Avenue and C Street; Second Avenue and B Street; Second Avenue and A Street; Third Avenue and A Street; Third Avenue and B Street; Third Avenue and C Street; Third Avenue and Oak Lane; Fourth Avenue and D Street; Fourth Avenue and B Street; Fourth Avenue and A Street; Fifth Avenue and A Street; Fifth Avenue and B Street; Fifth and Stewart avenues; Stewart and Baltimore avenues; Baltimore Avenue and Newfield Road; Newfield and Magnolia roads; Stewart Avenue and Elizabeth Lane; Elizabeth Lane and Wilson Boulevard; Wilson Boulevard and Theresa Avenue; Wilson Avenue and Bertha Avenue; and Wilson Boulevard and Crain Highway.

7: 15 p.m. -- N Street and Third Avenue; M Street and Second Avenue; Second Avenue and Padfield Boulevard; Padfield Boulevard and Third Avenue; Third Avenue and M Street; Third Avenue and N Street; Griffith Lane and Third Avenue (at the ball field); Delmar and Fourth avenues; and Fourth Avenue and Padfield Boulevard.

7: 30 p.m. -- Fifth and Delmar avenues; Fourth Avenue and N Street; Fifth Avenue and N Street; Delmar and Seventh avenues; Delmar and Ninth avenues; Griffith Lane and Ninth Avenue; Griffith Lane and Seventh Avenue; Griffith Lane and Fifth Avenue; Wimmer Road and Seventh Avenue; Wimmer Road and Eighth Avenue; Hamlen Road and Eighth Avenue; Hamlen Road and Seventh Avenue; directly to Monroe Circle, on return stopping at Fifth Avenue; Oakwood Road and Blossom Lane; Blossom Lane and Pine Terrace; Pine Terrace and Oakwood Road; Oakwood and Range roads; and Range Road and Greenway.

8 p.m. -- Harford Road and Delaware Avenue; Delaware Avenue and Kent Road; Delaware Avenue and Kuethe Road; Delaware Avenue and Garrett Road; Delaware and Dorchester Road; Carroll Road and Biddle Road; Carroll and Washington Avenue; Carroll and Glen roads; New Jersey Avenue and Garrett Road; New Jersey and Kent Road; Kent Road and Georgia Avenue; Georgia and Rogers avenues; Furnace Branch and Stewart Lane; Stewart and Andrews Road.

Note: Schedule is approximate.

Pub Date: 12/24/96

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