Alex Schoenbaum, 81, founder of Shoney's restaurants, died...


December 08, 1996

Alex Schoenbaum, 81, founder of Shoney's restaurants, died Friday of lung disease and heart failure in Sarasota, Fla. His $10,000 Parkette drive-in restaurant in Charleston, W.Va., became the first Shoney's in 1951.

Wilf Carter, 91, a Canadian country music legend whose career spanned six decades, died of stomach cancer Thursday in Scottsdale, Ariz. Known to U.S. country music fans as Montana Slim, he developed a distinctive yodel that became a trademark.

Leon Polk Smith, 91, a painter credited with influencing the development of geometric abstraction in art, died Wednesday at his home in New York City.

Pub Date: 12/08/96

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