Tape gives kids etiquette workout

In Brief

November 30, 1996|By Los Angeles Daily News

Does this sound familiar?:

"Tell the nice man, 'Thank you.' "

Most kids have plenty to learn about manners, those classic rules of behavior. The holiday season can feel like a manners boot camp, and that's where Ann Humphries steps in.

"I was a parent who had no idea how to teach manners," she NTC says. "I remember barking at my kids and thinking there must be a better way."

After teaching bite-size manners seminars for parents and asking kids what they knew about being polite, Humphries has released her second video, "Proud to Be Polite." It pits clueless adults against manners-smart kids and covers all the bases, from talking with your mouth full to what to do when you're bored at an assembly or an awards banquet for soccer.

The video manners kits range in price, and can be obtained by calling (803) 736-1934.

Pub Date: 11/30/96

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