Vito Stellino's power rankings

November 29, 1996|By VITO STELLINO

1. San Francisco: Bill Walsh is getting involved.

2. Denver: Will they work on the tip drill this week?

3. Dallas: Emmitt Smith isn't what he once was.

4. Green Bay: Is the tundra frozen yet?

5. Pittsburgh: Jerome Bettis can't wait to run against the Ravens.

6. Buffalo: The ageless ones keep on winning.

7. Washington: Booing Heath Shuler was really tacky.

8. New England: Tough test coming up at San Diego.

9. Miami: Dan Marino didn't make the big play Monday.

10. Kansas City: Chiefs don't have a reliable quarterback.

11. Philadelphia: Hey, Ray Rhodes, this isn't life and death.

12. Carolina: Hard to believe they're 8-4.

13. San Diego: Chargers showed they could handle cold weather.

14. Arizona: Boomer Esiason's making quite a comeback.

15. Houston: Could be fading down the stretch.

16. Seattle: Ditto.

17. Cincinnati: Bruce Coslet is keeping Bengals focused.

18. Oakland: Did Al Davis make a mistake going home?

19. Indianapolis: On the skids without Harbaugh.

20. N.Y. Giants: Dan Reeves coaches as well as he whines.

L 21. Tampa Bay: Tony Dungy held team together for late surge.

22. Minnesota: Cardinals game is make-or-break for Dennis Green.

23. Chicago: "Da Bears" no longer make "Saturday Night Live."

24. Detroit: Wayne Fontes is going to get a pink slip.

25. Jacksonville: They need more games against the Ravens.

26. Ravens: Here's the slogan: R-E-B-U-I-L-D-I-N-G.

27. St. Louis: Rich Brooks will get a pink slip, too.

28. Atlanta: Ditto for June Jones.

29. New Orleans: Ditto for Rick Venturi.

30. N.Y. Jets: Leon Hess is so patient, Rich Kotite may survive.

Pub Date: 11/29/96

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