County school board candidates ran low-budget campaigns

November 28, 1996|By Howard Libit | Howard Libit,SUN STAFF

The low-budget campaign for Howard County school board this fall turned out to be just that -- a low-budget campaign.

In the two weeks before the election, the two candidates raised a combined $50 from outside donors, according to the final campaign finance reports filed this week.

Together, Jane Schuchardt and Francine Wishnick spent less than $6,000 for their campaigns.

"It shows that you don't have to pay a fortune to run for school board," Schuchardt said. "It came out pretty low."

Schuchardt, a retired Howard teacher, defeated Wishnick, a community activist, by 4,069 votes earlier this month, according to the county's certified election results. Schuchardt won 52.2 percent compared with 46.6 percent for Wishnick.

By the end of the campaign, Schuchardt raised about $2,900. But of that money, $1,500 was a loan she made to her campaign, and she raised enough money to repay all but $450 of the loan. That put her total amount spent at about $1,850.

Wishnick collected $4,085 but repaid almost all of a $450 loan she made to her campaign, putting her total amount spent at about $3,670. Wishnick received many more small donations from county residents, politicians, PTA leaders and Columbia Council members.

The candidates spent most of their money on fliers and campaign signs.

Schuchardt also spent almost $500 on a small newspaper advertisement.

Schuchardt will replace Susan Cook on the school board at the board's Dec. 12 meeting.

Cook, who has served as chairwoman, decided not to seek re-election.

Pub Date: 11/28/96

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