Flexible fashions a godsend for busy Baltimore consultant

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November 28, 1996|By Stephanie Shapiro | Stephanie Shapiro,SUN STAFF

Linda Rivelis, president of Campaign Consultation Inc. and Baltimore resident for 20 years, thrives on city life, and the challenges it offers. A consultant who worked to get community approval of the Charles Village Benefits District in 1994, she has more recently worked on the Baltimore Campaign, an initiative to promote the city coordinated by the Citizens Planning and Housing Association.

Accordingly, Rivelis, 45, is ready on any given day for corporate meetings and community brainstorming -- as long as the look is dynamic. "I have always welcomed change, and that carries through my entire life," she says. That's "just kind of the way I am."

How does your career affect your wardrobe?

Being president of a consultation group has some advantages in allowing me to express myself individually in a way that other people in the workplace are not able to do In this business, people expect you to be different, or else they would have hired someone in the ranks. It's almost like you need to be different.

What current look do you like?

What seems to be appealing to me this season are some of the slimmer silhouettes with longer skirts and short, cropped jackets.

What is important to you when shopping?

I primarily look at cut, how a piece is put together. Unless it's a really disgusting print, if it is put together well in a creative way, I'll take a second look.

Do you take advantage of current fashion leniency?

Absolutely. I think it's hard to imagine that at one period in time, miniskirts were de rigueur. It's so wonderful to have the flexibility. If I feel like wearing a long flowing skirt, I wear it. Or if I feel like putting on a miniskirt with a jacket, I go for it. It's a wonderful opportunity to not have to feel encumbered by fashion dictates.

Are you big on accessories?

I have some wonderful jewelry, and I'll wear that, but I find the older I get, I pare down on a lot of things. I really look for the one wonderful piece I want to wear because I think it's nice that things have an opportunity to stand out.

Have any other of your fashion habits evolved?

Probably as a younger woman I spent more time ruminating on my wardrobe. I don't find myself doing that anymore. If I find it and it's really wonderful, I'll buy it, if at all possible. I'm not a habitual shopper.

How shoe-obsessed are you?

I have lots of shoes, but I haven't replenished the stock in a long time. I've also learned to be kinder to my feet. I will not hesitate to put on a very conservative White Mountain tie-up shoe with a suit. Comfort is really key.

Talk about an international find.

We were in Budapest and managed to break away for one afternoon. We stumbled upon this wonderful designer shop, and I found a wonderful evening outfit that I can't wait to wear. If I tell you what it looks like, the surprise will be gone.

Another time, we took some time off and traveled to China and came back with shirts from Hong Kong Sevens rugby team. I've been living in mine all fall.

What are your dressing plans for Thanksgiving?

Ten people are coming over. I'm cooking pheasant. We start feasting around 3 and it goes on until 10 p.m. What I might wear is a two-piece, black knit outfit that is basically a stylized riding habit. It's expandable.

Pub Date: 11/28/96

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