Driver charged with assault, car damage in traffic dispute

November 26, 1996

An Arnold man was charged Saturday with assaulting a Severna Park woman and traffic violations in a dispute between motorists.

David Alan Floyd, 30, of the 1300 block of Sunwood Terrace was charged with second-degree assault, destruction of property, disturbance of passage, reckless driving, negligent driving, driving with a suspended license, driving with a revoked license and following too closely, police said.

Stephanie A. Barr, 20, of the 300 block of Valley Stream Road called police shortly after 1 p.m. and said another motorist tailgated her and damaged her car.

Barr told police she was on Baltimore-Annapolis Boulevard when fTC she saw a gray Ford truck approaching quickly. Barr slowed and the driver tailed closely until she turned onto Riverdale Road.

The truck driver sped in front of Barr and stopped, blocking her car, police said. The man allegedly got out of his truck, cursed and screamed and kicked her car door. The man left after about two minutes, police said.

Barr got his license tag number, went home and called police. Police traced the truck to Floyd.

An officer went to his home to ask about the incident, and Floyd denied any involvement. Officers took him to the woman's home, where she identified him as the man who kicked her car, police said.

Pub Date: 11/26/96

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