Towson women's soccerCongratulations to the Towson State...


November 24, 1996

Towson women's soccer

Congratulations to the Towson State women's soccer team for winning the America East championship. But guess what? That is as far as the Tigers go. The University of Maryland, which won two conference games this year, will go to the NCAA tournament. George Mason, which lost in its conference playoffs, will go to the NCAAs. Why not Towson State?

Politics seem to be evident here. We need to cut out the politics, especially where our children are concerned. We are really teaching great values and fair play.

Arnold C. Miller


49ers have Ravens covered

Ted Marchibroda got all worked up because the San Francisco 49ers punched one across with 16 seconds left. What planet are you on, Ted? You have to realize that they had to cover the spread.

Joseph L. Larson


No to Va., yes to Delaware

Just why will Maryland racing fans be subjected to simulcasting for several months when Colonial Downs in Virginia is open? Many of us enjoy watching and betting on our live racing programs. It seems Maryland fans don't count with our present racing czar.

Many of us will be going to Delaware Park. Why not? Free admission, free parking and live racing. Food and beverage prices are also more reasonable. They always have been. See you in Delaware.

Paul Kowalski


Free speech?

I dread the silence next year. Instead of Jon Miller saying, "He made a mental mistake," or, "He bobbled the ball," the new guy will be sweating bullets trying not to offend his lord and master.

Will Werley


Won't miss Miller

Count me as one who is glad to see Jon Miller go. The thing I hated the most about Miller was that when a player made a bonehead play, he would continue to berate the player over and over, like he never made a mistake before.

Gene Hubbe


World Series lessons

Your coverage of the World Series victory by the New York Yankees was excellent. Yet, I think what occurred on the field goes far beyond winning baseball games.

Sport can be wonderful affirmation of the goodness of different types of people working together for a common cause. To secure the victory, John Wetteland, a white person, threw the last ball and Charlie Hayes, a black person, caught it. The victory would not have happened had not the two of them worked together.

There is something all of us can learn from this World Series. Meaningful change is a common quest. And things such as skin color should not matter.

Joseph Green-Bishop


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Pub Date: 11/24/96

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