Do the right thing, build the overpassThe Oct. 30 article...


November 24, 1996

Do the right thing, build the overpass

The Oct. 30 article in The Sun entitled, "Ecker likely to delay overpass," was extremely disheartening. The possible delay in construction of the intersection at Route 175 and Snowden River Parkway for a period of 13 years defies the commitment made to the citizens of Long Reach Village and Howard County.

Citizens, village board members and state officials have dedicated time, energy and effort to bring about a fair and equitable resolution to correcting this intersection problem. Existing and future homeowners in Long Reach and adjacent communities relied on the words of county officials that they would build an overpass at this intersection.

It might be enlightening for county officials to travel, as I do, on Route 175 east toward Interstate 95 at 7: 45 in the morning. If projected traffic volumes are remotely accurate, we will encounter an unbelievably long commute to I-95 in the year 2010.

Third, the project is projected to cost $13 million in 1996 dollars. Add a significant amount of money if built in the year 2010.

Citizens depend on the promises of public officials and should expect that they will honor their obligations. Mr. Ecker, do the right thing. Build the overpass.

Frank S. Turner


The writer is a state delegate representing Legislative District 13A.

Sun responsible for move of trial

Your irresponsible reporting in a pending criminal case created the necessity for the court to remove it to another county. Now, instead of acknowledging the effect of your tainting the case for a local jury, you arrogate to yourself the authority to act in the role of an appellate court.

This is an example of an abuse of freedom of the press working a perversion of its purpose.

Lewis Straughn Nippard

Ellicott City

Bill's Day was tribute to youth

Today's youth is often characterized as being pampered and self-indulgent. Recently, I was happy to have the opportunity to see many of the youth from Howard County exhibit qualities far different from this.

On Sept. 21, I was one of the coordinators of an event called, "Bill's Day," which involved 15 hours of activities. Bill's Day was organized to raise funds to help Bill Martinez, a local ice hockey coach and friend, deal with the extraordinary expenses incurred in the care and treatment of his lymphoma.

Earlier this year, a group called Bill's Friends was organized to raise funds to help the Martinez family. In July, Bill's Friends sponsored a golf tournament.

After the tournament, a number of young friends of Bill wanted to know how they too could help him. At their initiative, Bill's Day came into being.

The total proceeds for Bill's Day have reached $18,000, with sponsored pledges and contributions still coming in.

The members of the Bill's Friends Committee are proud of Howard County's caring young people.

We also thank The Sun for the Sept. 17 story on Bill Martinez, which prompted such a great turnout on Bill's Day.

Mary Jo Doherty


Columbia Municipal League failed, but leader says he'll keep fighting

The circle is complete, once again. Every few years for the last 20 or so, a different group of people get fed up with the Columbia Association's management directing the board of directors.

The Columbia Municipal League, Inc. was the latest attempt. Our effort was not to talk, but to act. Twenty years of talking didn't do any good. CA didn't listen. It is still turning a deaf ear. Our way proved more successful than any previous attempt. It just wasn't good enough.

The honorable thing to do was to publicly declare the CML to be officially defunct. The money in our treasury has already been returned to our major benefactors.

Indifference killed us. It is an insidious disease. The fire and passion we felt in the '60s seems to have been satiated by success and middle age.

It hurts to realize that we have fallen short of our goal. We owe many kudos to the several dozen volunteers who donated valuable time in a valiant effort to make Columbia a still better place to live. I feel that an apology needs to be extended to the several thousand people who signed our petitions for a referendum election.

I am sorry that I was not able to give everyone the right to make up their own mind about their own future. We must now revert back to depending upon the honesty, integrity and openness of the Columbia Association to do what is best for the people of Columbia.

If this sounds personal, it is. I believe in what we were trying to accomplish. It was and still is the right thing to do. James Rouse himself fully expected Columbia to outgrow its homeowners association form of government. That is why the covenants allow for a successor organization to CA, and even outline takeover procedures.

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