Nature takes care of deer population

November 24, 1996

WHEN THE Department of Natural Resources is involved, very often its solution is to kill the animals. The Sun's Nov. 16 editorial has now taken a typical DNR approach, advocating ill-conceived and cruel managed deer hunts.

DNR's deer-killing philosophy is both ineffective and inhumane. It fails to recognize that deer exercise a population control of their own. If the deer population increases in a given area, does have fewer and fewer fawns and more males than females. This is nature's efficient way of handling the situation.

While a managed hunt will temporarily reduce the deer population, the remaining does will produce an abnormally large number of fawns the following spring. This will then bring about a cry from DNR for another managed deer hunt to decrease the population again and the killing cycle goes on and on.

Clearly DNR is more in need of management control than nature and the deer.

Marvin Tenberg


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