This Week 150 years ago in The SunNov. 24:THANKSGIVING...


November 24, 1996|By Fred Rasmussen

This Week 150 years ago in The Sun


Nov. 24: THANKSGIVING DAY -- Thursday, the 26th of November, the day which has been designated by the worthy Governor of our commonwealth to be observed by the people of Maryland as a season of Thanksgiving and praise, is now at hand.

Nov. 26: HON. J.Q. ADAMS -- The information still continues favorable. The Boston Whig of Monday says: "We feel authorized to say that the state of Mr. Adams is decidedly improving."

Nov. 28: Wild Pigeons -- Within the past two days numerous flocks of these birds have passed over the city; and we are told that the woods in the neighborhood of the city are full of them, affording great amusement to sportsmen.

100 years ago in The Sun

Nov. 24: It has been recently noted in our news columns that many leading social clubs of Baltimore are taking up the ancient and honorable game of whist with unusual interest this winter.

Nov. 25: Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Jenkins Sr. and family have

closed "Sunny Side," their country place on Lake Avenue, near Mount Washington, and have removed to their city home.

Nov. 30: Manager Edward Hanlon, of the Baltimore Baseball Club, said yesterday that he was through making baseball deals for next season, except that he might sell a few players for whom he had no place.

50 years ago in The Sun

Nov. 24: Rockville, Md., Nov. 23 (AP) -- Fourteen-year-old Robert Snyder told police tonight he had shot and killed his foster parents and younger sister during a family argument and then attended a movie before surrendering to police.

Nov. 26: At least 10,000 Maryland workers were furloughed from their jobs and "brownouts" were instituted in most sections of the State yesterday as the impact of the coal strike began to be felt here.

Nov. 27: Thanksgiving dinner featuring turkey and all the trimmings, in Baltimore this year will cost 110 per cent more than 1940, 16 per cent more than last year and 14 per cent more than 1944. For a family of six it will cost $15.02 to provide a 14-pound turkey and all that goes with it, including two kinds of pie, cream for the coffee of two adults and milk for four children.

Pub Date: 11/24/96

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