1996 All-Anne Arundel County football teams All-Anne Arundel football team

November 22, 1996|By Pat O'Malley

Offensive Player of the Year: Corey Wright, North County

Defensive Player of the Year: Monte Graves, St. Mary's

8, Coach of the Year: Brad Best, St. Mary's


Name, School, Year, Position

Chad Clark, Severna Park, Senior, Tackle

Kiki Ellis, North County, Senior, All-purpose

Mike Evans, North County, Senior, Quarterback

Isaac Haertel, Arundel, Senior, Center

Jeff Hatch, Severn, Senior, Tackle

Dane Johnson, Old Mill, Senior, Guard

Erik Lipton, Arundel, Senior, Quarterback

Chris Mangum, North County, Senior, Split end

Dennard Melton, Severn, Junior, Running back

Amiel Morris, Severna Park, Senior, Running back

Jamison Mullen, St. Mary's, Senior, Place-kicker

Joe Parker, Arundel, Senior, Split end

Tornardo Sharps, Meade, Junior, Running back

Rico Walker, Meade, Senior, Guard

Corey Wright, North County, Senior, Split end


Richard Allen, North County, Senior, Lineman

Brooks Barnard, Broadneck, Junior, Punter

Doug Bast, Old Mill, Senior, Linebacker

Rob Bookhamer, Chesapeake, Senior, Linebacker

Chris Field, Severna Park, Senior, Lineman

Donnell Foote, Annapolis, Junior, Back

Monte Graves, St. Mary's, Senior, Linebacker

Rob Hoffman, St. Mary's, Junior, Lineman

George Houston, Meade, Senior, Lineman

Shaun Hunt, Severna Park, Senior, Back

Malwan Johnson, Meade, Junior, Back

Tom McCaffrey, South River, Senior, End

Marvin Mobley, North County, Senior, Linebacker

Mike O'Malley, Severna Park, Senior, Back

Danny Todd, Meade, Senior, Linebacker


Jesse Barnes, Meade, Senior, Running back

Antwan Chambers, North County, Junior, Split end

Tony Chase, North County, Senior, Tackle

Josh Cornett, Severna Park, Junior, All-purpose

Von Craig, Severn, Junior, Running back

Chad Duncan, Chesapeake, Senior, Running back

Rob Evans, Northeast, Senior, Running back

Darrin McAlister, Severna Park, Junior, Place-kicker

Erick Nolan, North County, Senior, Guard

Kenny Parks, North County, Senior, Split end

Joe Plattner, Annapolis, Junior, Tackle

Donald Snowden, Annapolis, Senior, Guard

Jonas Weatherbie, Broadneck, Junior, Quarterback

John Wright, Glen Burnie, Senior, Tight end

Jessie Young, Broadneck, Senior, Center


Bryant Airey, St. Mary's, Senior, Back

Tyrone Eaton, Northeast, Senior, Back

Dave Edwards, Broadneck, Senior, Lineman

Dominic Greco, Arundel, Sophomore, Back

Greg Gulley, Annapolis, Senior, Linebacker

Jim Hardesty, St. Mary's, Senior, Lineman

Ron Holland, Southern, Senior, Back

Greg Hunt, Annapolis, Senior, Back

Derek Johnson, Annapolis, Junior, Lineman

Brian Kingsbury, St. Mary's, Senior, End

Ernie Listman, St. Mary's, Junior, Linebacker

Justin Patton, Meade, Senior, End

Troy Sedgewick, Severna Park, Senior, Back

Sean Songer, Severn, Senior, Linebacker

Craig Vaughn, Meade, Senior, Lineman

Michawn Yuvienco, North County, Junior, Linebacker

Team selection

The Baltimore Sun 1996 All-Anne Arundel County football team was selected by staff writer Pat O'Malley after consulting with The Sun staff and area coaches.

Pub Date: 11/22/96

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