1996 All-Baltimore City/County football teams All-City/Baltimore County football team

November 22, 1996|By Lem Satterfield

Offensive Player of the Year: Aaron Thompson, Mount St. Joseph Defensive Player of the Year: Robert Gross, Lake Clifton Co-Coaches of the Year: James Monroe, Lake Clifton; Steve Turnbaugh, Hereford


Name, School, Year, Position

Lucas Phillips, Mount St. Joseph, Senior, Quarterback

Ali Culpepper, Dunbar, Senior, Running back

Darnell Pearsall, Lake Clifton, Junior, Running back

Taber Small, City, Senior, Running back

Aaron Thompson, Mount St. Joseph, Senior, Running back

Chris Barnes, Poly, Sophomore, Wide receiver

Terril Lowery, Lake Clifton, Senior, Wide receiver

DahnelSingfield, Dunbar, Junior, Wide receiver

Warren Smith, City, Junior, Wide receiver

Lance Clelland, McDonogh, Senior, Lineman

Ben Dyer, Mount St. Joseph, Senior, Lineman

Kimball Payne, St. Paul's, Senior, Lineman

Chris Perkins, City, Senior, Lineman

Pat Stafford, Patterson, Senior, Lineman

Roger Evans, Hereford, Senior, Place kicker


Shaun Williams, Lake Clifton, Senior, Punter

James Gee, City, Junior, Defensive back

Devin Jones, Patterson, Senior, Defensive back

Tim Nicholas, Loyola, Senior, Defensive back

Carlrome Randle, Dunbar, Senior, Defensive back

Jason Wingeart, Hereford, Junior, Defensive back

Derry Williams, Dunbar, Senior, Defensive back

Jason Boyce, Dunbar, Senior, Linebacker

Karim Cross, City, Senior, Linebacker

Tomez Williams, Patterson, Senior, Linebacker

Harry Blackwell, Lake Clifton, Senior, Lineman

Carl Hebron, City, Senior, Lineman

Jason Shupert, Hereford, Junior, Lineman

Antar Sims-El, Dunbar, Senior, Lineman

Robert Gross, Lake Clifton, Senior, Nose guard


Michael Johnson, City, Senior, Quarterback

Samuel Scott, Edmondson, Senior, Running back

Robert Carrothers, Lake Clifton, Junior, Running back

Jason Murphy, Hereford, Junior, Running back

Ryan Davis, Catonsville, Senior, Running back

Andre Perkins, Poly, Senior, Running back

Jason Marrow, Calvert Hall, Senior, Running back

Shaz Brown, Mount St. Joseph, Junior, Wide receiver

Anthony Lawston, Eastern Tech, Sophomore, Wide receiver

Chad Unitas, St. Paul's, Junior, Wide receiver

George Hill, Patterson, Senior, Lineman

Davon Harris, Woodlawn, Senior, Lineman

Wayne Jiggetts, Northern, Senior, Lineman

Blake Henry, Loyola, Junior, Lineman

Noah Mumaw, Boys Latin, Senior, Place kicker


Kevin Short, Hickey, Senior, Punter

Mike Scott, Northern, Senior, Defensive back

Dujuan Wilson, Poly, Senior, Defensive back

Aaron Vercollone, Boys' Latin, Senior, Defensive back

Jerry Meriweather, Perry Hall, Senior, Defensive back

Josh Mason, Perry Hall, Senior, Linebacker

Rick Cober, St. Paul's, Senior, Linebacker

Djorrell Dunn, Lake Clifton, Junior, Linebacker

Sean Schroeder, Dulaney, Junior, Linebacker

Jonathan Thomas, Dunbar, Junior, Linebacker

Ty Burris, Milford Mill, Senior, Linebacker

Talien Walker, Mervo, Senior, Lineman

Bob Warhane, St. Paul's, Senior, Lineman

Keon Burley, Loyola, Junior, Lineman

Anthony Smith, Owings Mills, Senior, Lineman

Team selection

The Baltimore Sun 1996 All-Baltimore City/County football team was selected by staff writer Lem Satterfield after consulting with The Sun staff and area coaches.

Pub Date: 11/22/96

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