White Acre Road in Oakland Mills village revamped

November 20, 1996|By Katherine Marks | Katherine Marks,CONTRIBUTING WRITER

A 400-meter stretch of White Acre Road in Columbia's Oakland Mills village is being revamped to make it safer for students who must cross the street to get to and from Talbott Springs Elementary School.

Last week, stripes were painted for parking spaces on both sides of the road, the center of the road was striped and a median and left turn lanes were added to narrow the road.

The curbs at both ends of the street will be extended within the next few weeks and a crosswalk will be added in front of the school.

Andy Daneker, chief of the Howard County Bureau of Highways, said his department will try to make the curves on the road flatter, a project that could take several weeks. Oakland Mills Village Board Chairman David Hatch said the board has been pushing the county for the past two years to make changes. He said the county has agreed to put in flashing lights to warn motorists to slow down.

The posted speed limit in the area is 25 mph, but Hatch said, "It's hard to tell there is a school there" and many motorists speed.

White Acre curves as it rises over a hill, and trees in the area make it harder to see the school. Crossing guards are posted at both ends of the expanse: one at Thunder Hill Road and the other at Stevens Forest Road.

Hatch said students are not supposed to cross the road between those two guards, but many students do. He said he hopes to see a third crossing guard added in the future.

Pub Date: 11/20/96

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