Opponent's playbook Split Pro Left, 72 Y-Corner/Z-Spin

November 17, 1996|By Mike Preston


The formation: It's a split formation because each running back lines up behind the tackle on his side. It's also pro-left because the tight end, Brent Jones (84), is lined up on the left side. Wide receiver Terrell Owens (81) is wide right and Jerry Rice (80), the Z receiver, is split left.

The play: At the snap, all five linemen lock into pass-protection sets. Owens runs a 12-yard pattern across the middle and Jones runs a post pattern, clearing out for Rice. Fullback William Floyd (40) provides backside pass protection and halfback Terry Kirby (41) flares to the left.

Rice, who has started the play with short motion, reads the defensive coverage. If the Ravens are in man-to-man, Rice continues his short route underneath. If it's a zone coverage and there is a defender waiting underneath, Rice spins back outside.

The quarterback takes a three-step drop, with Rice as his primary receiver. Jones is the secondary target, Kirby third.

Pub Date: 11/17/96

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