The Who and way back when

November 11, 1996|By Laura Lippman

On Dec. 6, 1973, you could buy a nifty acrylic coat trimmed with dyed rabbit for $56 at Hutzler's. (Where's that?) An acetate leopard print with ruffles was a mere $19.95 at Stewart's. (Where's that?) And an elegant two-piece hostess outfit -- a synthetic knit that, with the help of polyurethane, "closely resembles the appearance of soft, supple leather" -- was just $84 at Hochschild Kohn. (Where?)

Those Baltimore department stores are long gone, but the Capital Centre remains, albeit briefly, albeit under the name USAir Arena. It was there, on Dec. 6, 1973, that the Who took the stage for the first concert in the newly opened arena in Landover. (Its first event was a Bullets game.)

Tickets to the Who were $6.50. Sounds cheap by today's standards, but remember, a 1974 Dodge Swinger could be had for weekly payments of $12.50 and a quart of Early Times was $4.79.

Last Saturday, in a promotion dubbed "retro-pricing," USAir Arena brought back the $6.50 Who ticket -- assuming you were first willing to purchase a ticket at the 1996 prices of $45 or $65. And why not? Leopard prints with ruffles were all over the runways at the recent New York fashion shows and synthetic fabrics are back with a vengeance.

Plus, there happened to be several thousand Who tickets left to tonight's 7 o'clock concert.

So can we look forward to a similar event commemorating, say, the third event at the Capital Centre?

"That was an Allman Brothers concert," says spokesman Marc Goldman. "And we know they're not coming back."

Pub Date: 11/11/96

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