Opponent's playbook

November 10, 1996|By Mike Preston


The formation: The alignment is pro right because the tight end, Derek Brown (86), lines up on the right. Halfback James Stewart (33) lines up 5 to 7 yards behind quarterback Mark Brunell (8), and fullback Le'Shai Maston (35) lines up 3 yards behind the right tackle to give the Ravens a run look. Wide receiver Keenan McCardell (87) is flanked wide right, and Andre Rison (81) is split left.

The action: Once the ball is snapped, Maston fakes as if he's running a power or lead block into the line of scrimmage, then drifts into the right flat as the linemen fire out one step to show run, then lock into a pass-protection set. Brunell fakes a handoff to Stewart to freeze the linebackers and then takes a 5- to 7-step drop. Brown runs a 3- to 5-yard pattern crossing into the left flat. McCardell, who started the play with short motion to the left, runs a 15- to 20-yard pattern across the field, and Rison runs a post pattern to clear out for McCardell. If the safety doubles with the cornerback to take Rison, then McCardell is the primary target. If the safety doubles with the cornerback to take McCardell, then Rison becomes the primary target.

Pub Date: 11/10/96

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