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Readers in full throat over loss of O's voice


November 10, 1996

Jon Miller was sent packing because he did not bleed sufficient quantities of black and orange or "promote" the team adequately? I don't see a lot of empty seats at the ballpark. Miller creates interest in baseball, and thus interest in the Orioles. We do not need another cheerleader for the team. The scoreboard instructions are plenty. Orioles fans are not stupid; to infer we can't handle honest opinion insults those who fill the owner's pockets. We love baseball. Miller is one of the reasons.

Joe Foss' claim that the Orioles needed their broadcast rights in place before negotiating with talent is disingenuous. There was no such concern last winter when the team hired a manager before a general manager, contrary to conventional thinking. One can hardly claim that having Miller under contract would devalue the rights. Which station would object? The "hidden agenda" was not Miller's, but the Orioles'. I put substantially more faith in what Miller says than Foss. Perhaps that's the point. Miller has credibility, and the Orioles right now have precious little.

John R. Penhallegon

Glen Arm

Is Angelos listening?

I am 8 years old and I think that Jon Miller can say whatever he wants about the Orioles because if they are a bad team, they are a bad team. Miller is so good that listening to him is almost better than watching the game on TV. Maybe, since Peter Angelos is at all the games, he doesn't have a chance to listen to Miller. I think he should listen to Miller on the radio and he would hear how good he is. I listen to the most of the games on radio, so I know that Jon Miller is one of the best radio announcers in America.

Anders Hulleberg


Good riddance

Perhaps a "majority" of one doesn't count, but I can no longer read all this syrupy adulation given to Jon Miller. He is going to move to San Francisco? Great! He was more interested in being cute or funny. Hey, Jay Leno is on every night.

Phyllis Miller


Miller for fans in the know

For those who come to Camden Yards to do the Macarena and have the scoreboard tell them when to cheer, a cheerleading announcer is just what the owner desired. For the rest of us who enjoy the game for what it is, Jon Miller's departure is another example of an owner's hubris slowly cheapening something once very special: Orioles baseball.

I wish Miller the best in San Francisco and thank him for keeping us company on so many summer nights. Meanwhile, I'm off to Circuit City to see if they sell satellite dishes that will pick up San Francisco radio stations.

cott A. Nelson


As for the replacement...

Please, Mr. Angelos -- NOT Josh Lewin!

Owen Connolly


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Pub Date: 11/10/96

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