Generation X'ers show ignorance about votingI am appalled...


November 10, 1996

Generation X'ers show ignorance about voting

I am appalled with the response from the obviously uninformed students in the article, "Trust irrelevant to young voters," by C. Fraser Smith in the Nov. 4 issue of The Sun. I am ashamed to be lumped into the category of these young politically unwashed voters.

I completely disagree with trust not being a major issue in the race for the presidency. Trust has everything to do with selecting a moral leader and diplomat of this country. The United States should be represented by an individual whose moral caliber is exceptional, and most of all someone we can trust.

To state that all politicians, doctors and lawyers are corrupt is ludicrous. There are always a few bad seeds. However, to judge an entire group of people solely on the basis of their profession is narrow-minded.

As to the quote, "Perhaps, with exception on MTV, the media abets the worst in politicians, some of these young people said," MTV is nowhere near a qualified media news source. I will admit MTV does influence young people. However, to take this information as your sole reason for choosing a candidate, you are cheating yourself.

Try picking up a newspaper or reading a magazine. Life does not always emit from a television. If you dare, try surfing the "net," and scoop up all types of information regarding candidates. If you consolidate all your media into one television broadcast, you are biasing yourself.

The statements presented in the article only confirm what analysts have been nicknaming our generation for years: Generation X and the MTV Generation. Our generation will be running this country in a few years. I refuse to see our great country go to waste.

Randall J. Rytter


The writer is a political science major at Western Maryland College.

Subjected to the slime?

I read with interest Carroll County Commissioner Richard Yates' Nov. 3 letter concerning aliens from outer space. It occurred to me that possibly the slime extracted half of the brains of the people it came in contact with. This created a half-brained group that passed on to its offspring the half-brained notion that it is OK to fly with one wing, some left and some right.

Fortunately, some of us avoided the slime and kept both wings. Too bad, Mr. Yates was subjected to the slime.

William Sraver Jr.


Builders, think more about trees

I am a sixth grader at Sykesville Middle School, where students get to attend one week of Outdoor School at Hashawa Environmental Center in Westminster. In this one week, we learn about historical sites in Carroll County, forestry and much more.

All this building in Carroll County can be good in a way, but it is very bad for the environment. My message to builders is if you are doing a project that involves tearing down trees, think about your oxygen supply.

Meghan Cheswick


Pub Date: 11/10/96

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