St. Paul's nips B. Mawr in shootout Gators make AIS final second year in row, 2-1

Field hockey

November 08, 1996|By Katherine Dunn | Katherine Dunn,SUN STAFF

Last year, goalie Joanna Renner sat on the St. Paul's bench and watched starter Gretchen Goldberg hold off Bryn Mawr in a shootout in an Association of Independent Schools A Division tournament semifinal.

Little did Renner suspect that she would be in the exact same position a year later.

Thanks to some aggressive play by Renner and shootout goals from Sarah Oglesby and Hilary Polk-Williams, the outcome was also the same. The No. 3 Gators edged No. 6 Bryn Mawr, 2-1, to advance to the title game for a second straight year.

The Gators (10-0-5) will meet No. 5 Roland Park (12-1-3) for the championship at noon tomorrowat St. Paul's.

For Renner, the relief afterward was almost as overwhelming as the pressure during the shootout.

"It's horrible and terrific at the same time," said Renner, who was rushed by jubilant teammates after she thwarted Bryn Mawr's final attempt to tie.

The challenge proved even greater for Renner because the defense in front of her was so strong that she saw little action all season and was in her first shootout.

"I try to psyche them out," said Renner. "I get up close to the hash mark [seven yards in front of the goal] and cut off their angle. Then all they see is me, and I try to appear as threatening as possible."

Renner, who had four saves through regulation and the two seven-on-seven overtime periods, made one save and upset three other Mawrtians' attempts to score on the one-on-ones.

Each team went through five shooters, who had 10 seconds each to score starting from the 25-yard line. Katie MacColl was the only Mawrtian to score.

MacColl's goal answered Oglesby's, but Polk-Williams snapped the tie on the next attempt.

Polk-Williams scored with a second effort after Mawrtians' goalie Ellen Phillips stopped her initial approach.

"When you dribble, you have to keep looking up to see how the goalie moves and judge from that what move you're going to make," said Polk-Williams. "I waited until she was off balance then I shot right next to her left foot, and there's no way she has a chance."

Until the final five minutes of regulation, the Gators thought they would win 1-0. Oglesby had given the Gators the lead off a corner hit from Libby Hoyle with 7:27 left in the first half.

Bryn Mawr threatened late in the first half and again midway through the second, but didn't break through until the final five minutes of regulation.

Kim Smith broke away near midfield as Gators defender Alyson Bowyers fell down. Smith fired an 18-yard rocket past Renner to tie with 4:52 left.

Pub Date: 11/08/96

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