Scout Troop 424 has another Eagle in the wings


November 08, 1996|By Lourdes Sullivan | Lourdes Sullivan,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

AS AN ASTUTE reader of this column, you probably remember that Boy Scout Troop 424 is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

The Scouting tradition that produced eight Eagle Scouts in the community is bearing more fruit: Another Eagle Scout is waiting in the wings.

Timothy Cezar, a Life Scout in the troop, is assessing the need for better house identification in Savage.

Many of the older houses no longer have numbers displayed, which means that fire and rescue teams can lose time looking for the right house.

After investigating the need for better identification, Timothy and his fellow Scouts plan to build wooden address plates with reflective numbers.

He already has conducted the initial survey with the help of the Savage Volunteer Fire Department and the Howard County Fire Prevention Department.

The new house numbers should arrive early in December.

Hammond's 'Odd Couple'

Looking for something to do tonight? The Hammond High players present a performance of Neil Simon's "The Odd Couple" at 7: 30 o'clock tonight and tomorrow night.

This is the role-reversal version of the play. The leads are played by women.

A cast of eight and the stage crew have come together to bring us an evening of light comedy.

As the audience applauds actors Natalie Cordone, Lauren Mullen, Shoshannah Beck, Jenny Crooks, Kathryn Carlsen, Susie jTC Gist, Evan Samuels and Christian Robinson, give a thought to the unsung -- but never unappreciated -- folks behind the scenes.

The production would not be possible without assistant director Jenny Sperling, stage manager Delroy Cornick and house manager Stephen Watson.

Few would see the play without the efforts of poster designer Lauren Mullen and publicity crew members Shannon Hunt, Patti McLaughlin, Kathryn Carlsen, Erin Murray and Natalie Cordone.

And the drama department would soon run out of money (It costs a bit for the rights to perform a play.) if ticket manager Katie Schaub and her crew -- Lavender Boyce, David Heine and Seth Binder -- didn't sell tickets.

Seth Binder, David Heine and Nichole Pitts created the program, for which Georgiana Paulding and Lauren Mullen sold ads.

Lavender Boyce is in charge of the box office.

The performance is enhanced by setting, costumes, makeup, lights and sound balance.

Chris Weber and his crew -- Brooks Hafets, David Potsiadlo, Scott Segal, Min Myo and Lauren Mullen -- built the set.

Debra Dwoskin, Trevor Greene, Erin Hammer and Kaitlin Schwartzel took care of props.

Paula Holzman, the unsung heroine of the painting crew (She even cleans the brushes) and her merry band of artists -- Vasu Balu, Larissa Doran, Lauren Liss, Lauren Mullen, Jenn Rock and Dan Bresnick -- painted everything.

Robbie Heacock and Brian Schulman designed the lighting.

Robbie Heacock, Brian Schulman, Rachelle Thorne, Joey Wensus, Ed McCormick, Erin Straus and Greg Schivley run the lights.

Matt Miller, Brad Wasser, Godfrey Logan, Adam Schulman and Zack Richardson ensure that the microphones work as they are supposed to. Makeup crew members Heather Hutchenson and Erin Coleman make the actors' faces visible from the farthest rows.

Riana Hershenfeld, Beth Dibler, Jessica Reddick and Annie Rosser clad the cast.

Last, though hardly least in this complex production, there is the stage craft crew.

Special thanks go to Jacob Appletree, Delroy Cornick, Timmy Hendren, Paula Holzman, Daniel Kelly, Godfrey Logan, Kristen Mekin, Scott Segal, Lorna Smelser, Joshua Souder, Aaron Klein, Stephanie Searfoss, Trevor Gauthier, Justin MacKey, Fred Nielson, Chris Norton, Nick Schultz and Kaitlin Schwartzel.

Next winter, the drama club plans to present "Oklahoma!"

Wellness Day

Hammond High had a lot going on this week.

On Thursday, the school presented a Wellness Day, during which students got to listen to their choice of two out of more than 40 presentations on health issues.

The topics ranged from 'We're not the Brady Bunch -- dealing with problems in step families," to police relations -- "May the Force be with you" and "HIV/AIDS -- it's not reversible!"

Native American tales

On Wednesday the Savage Library will present "Tales From the Teepee" by library volunteer Wauneta Wine.

She and Cody Craft will tell Native American tales, assist with a craft and perform the Eagle Dance.

The presentation begins at 3 p.m.

For details and directions, call the library at 880-5978.

Pub Date: 11/08/96

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