We've all heard stories about folks whose Thanksgiving Day...

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November 07, 1996|By Catherine Cook | Catherine Cook,Distinction Editor

We've all heard stories about folks whose Thanksgiving Day was ruined because blueberry oyster stuffing was served instead of corn bread stuffing or a roast goose turned up as the centerpiece instead of the customary turkey. Tradition is everything this time of year.

In this issue of Distinction, we haven't lost sight of tradition; rather, we are offering some new ideas for enjoying the old. In researching her story on trends in Christmas tree ornaments, Elizabeth Large found that elegant Victorian decorations are much in demand this year, but so are ornaments in the shape of fat green pea pods, carrots, hoes, rakes and seed packets. (Gardening -- America's fastest-growing leisure activity -- is finding new expression this holiday season.)

Writer Holly Selby discovered that a growing demand for whimsical and creative menorah designs has resulted this year in the greatest selection ever in area stores. You'll see this ceremonial candelabrum interpreted in everything from child-friendly baseball themes to astonishing wonders in crystal and metal.

Also in this issue, Mike Klingaman writes about how this country's passion for poinsettias has led to the holiday centerpiece's appearance on sweaters, neckties and even cookie cutters. Though a gardening pro with many years' experience, Mike says he discovered some new and useful information during his research. "Every year we spruce up the house with an armful of poinsettias, then watch as the plants shed their leaves, one by one," he says. "I consider it a victory if a single poinsettia lasts past the Rose Bowl." So it was nice to learn, he added, "that even professional horticulturists toss their plants after the holidays. That news boosted my holiday spirit, I'll tell you."

We hope this issue boosts your holiday spirit. From all of us at Distinction, best wishes for a safe and happy season.

Pub Date: 11/07/96

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