Report card

November 04, 1996

Running backs

Earnest Byner turned in another good effort, and the Bengals still haven't tackled Bam Morris yet. It's a shame the Ravens haven't worked Morris into the offense more and didn't use him in the second half yesterday. -- A-


Vinny Testaverde started pressing his luck early in the game, forcing passes and making bad decisions that he got away with. The Bengals confused him several times with coverages in the second half, and Testaverde started losing some of his gambles. Ditch the fade-and-out route to Michael Jackson for a game, maybe two. -- C-


They were very inconsistent yesterday, and the dropped passes should have forced the Ravens to run the football. These guys can make the tough catches, but can't hold onto the easy ones. -- C-

Offensive line

As usual, this unit played well and opened holes, but the coaching staff did not take advantage of it in the second half. -- B+

Defensive line

The line did a creditable job in the first half, and a group already small in numbers got worn down in the second half. Tackle Tim Goad tied for second on the team in tackles with seven. -- C


This group is getting better, but slowly. Ray Lewis had seven tackles and Mike Caldwell finished with five. Jerrol Williams also had a presence, but Mike Croel was not a force. -- C


Until Antonio Langham got hurt, this group was having a solid game and Langham was playing well. But rookie DeRon Jenkins' lack of experience showed on the corner. -- C-

Special teams

The Ravens did a decent job on kickoff returns, and Jermaine Lewis seems on the verge of breaking one. Greg Montgomery averaged 45.0 yards on three punts. -- C

Pub Date: 11/04/96

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