Oh, who cares?

November 04, 1996|By Mona Charen

WASHINGTON -- This election may be recalled as the one that signified America's resignation toward scandal, rank dishonesty and abuse of power. How else are we to interpret a ratification of this administration?

''Where's the outrage?'' Bob Dole asked. It seems that every month of the past four years has brought a new allegation of wrongdoing by this administration, either before taking office or since.

The president and his wife stand accused of financial chicanery in the Whitewater matter. He is said to have used state employees to assist in his sexual escapades.

Once in the White House, the Clintons unethically interfered in ongoing investigations of the Whitewater matter; violated federal law concerning openness of government deliberations; withheld, lied about and then grudgingly turned over subpoenaed documents; used the FBI to hound and prosecute an innocent federal employee who was simply in their way; unconscionably trolled through 900 private FBI files of Republicans; entertained drug dealers in the White House; dangled pardons before those who could implicate them in criminal wrongdoing, and perhaps sold influence to the highest bidder.

If, as expected, he wins, Bill Clinton will declare that the voters have ruled Whitewater and the other scandals to be insignificant. And because he is utterly without shame, he will brazen it out.

Will he be impeached? Not if the Congress changes hands. But either way, a Clinton victory will mean turmoil and ugliness to come. And a nation that has just ratified the notion that character doesn't matter will have no right to complain.

Mona Charen is a syndicated columnist.

Pub Date: 11/04/96

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