More housecleaning neededHats off to Orioles management...


November 03, 1996

More housecleaning needed

Hats off to Orioles management for getting rid of pitching coach Pat Dobson. Next on the agenda is getting rid of catcher Chris Hoiles. Since he signed that $17.5 million contract several years ago, he hasn't been worth much. He hits his hat size and he can't throw out Mother Teresa.

Virg Speak

Littlestown, Pa.

Myers is no starter

As I sat reading The Sun on Oct. 31, my eyes did a double take reading page one of the sports section concerning erratic Orioles pitcher Randy Myers being considered as a starter.

hTC If he becomes a starting pitcher, baseball games that start at 7: 35 p.m. will probably end close to 2 a.m.

Harry I. Kleiman

Owings Mills

Get off Ripken's back...

I have just about had it with comments about Cal Ripken's losing a step and [lack of] arm strength. Ripken is a class act and shows it every game.

It goes without saying that Ripken would be an All-Star third baseman. That is not the point. Until you can find a better shortstop to replace him, get off his back and let him play ball.

C. Osborn

Bel Air

...and worry about pitching

As a baseball fanatic, it is incredible to me that the Orioles front office and some coaches -- even a departed one who should have had more on his mind -- are more worried about Cal Ripken's playing shortstop than they are about the Orioles' pitching, which has to be more reliable next year.

If the front office and coaches had the work ethic of a Cal Ripken, the Orioles may have been in the World Series and maybe even be world champions right now.

Loretta F. Hill


Russell was NBA's best

I do not dispute the validity of any of the 10 players listed [by Jerry Bembry, in his personal Top 10 list that accompanied the NBA releasing its Top 50]. Each was/is outstanding in his own right.

However, Bill Russell must be listed as best of all time. Mr. Bembry asks: "What can't Michael [Jordan] do?" Win eight straight championships, that's what.

Mark Kowalski


Johnny U. and Vinny?

It's about time we stopped bashing Vinny Testaverde. He has now thrown 13 touchdown passes in his last four games. He is having a great season with a poor supporting cast, especially on defense. It's time we realized that now there are two great quarterbacks in Baltimore history -- Johnny Unitas and Vinny Testaverde.

Gary Womersley

Glen Burnie

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Pub Date: 11/03/96

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