Opponent's playbook

November 03, 1996|By Mike Preston


The formation: Slot right, pro left, because the tight end, Tony McGee (82), is on the left and wide receiver Darnay Scott (86) is 5 yards away from right tackle Joe Walter in the slot position. The backfield is in an offset right formation.

The play: When the ball is snapped, the offensive linemen go into a pass protection set. Receivers Carl Pickens (81) and Scott both start out as if to run fly patterns, putting pressure on the safety. Scott takes the post pattern and Pickens sits, as the Bengals hope to stretch the safety. Running back Eric Bieniemy (21) then runs three steps beyond the line of scrimmage into the area both receivers have vacated, and fullback Jeff Cothran (29) runs a pattern into the left flat. McGee runs a pattern similar to Pickens', but on the left side. Quarterback Jeff Blake takes a three- to five-step drop. His first option is to throw to Scott or Pickens on the right, with Bieniemy as the secondary choice in the cleared zone.

Pub Date: 11/03/96

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