Election endorsements

November 03, 1996

For Tuesday's election: The Sun endorses the following candidates. As has been our practice since 1984, we express no preference for president. Voters may clip this list and take it with them when they cast their ballots.


No endorsement


1st District: Wayne T. Gilchrest (R)

2nd District: Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. (R)

3rd District: Benjamin L. Cardin (D)

4th District: Albert R. Wynn (D)

5th District: Steny H. Hoyer (D)

6th District: Stephen Crawford (D)

7th District: Elijah E. Cummings (D)

8th District: Constance A. Morella (R)


Court of Appeals:

Irma S. Raker (Montgomery County. Vote YES for continuance in office.

Court of Special Appeals:

Ellen L. Hollander (at-large). Vote YES for continuance in office.

James R. Eyler (Harford and Baltimore counties). Vote YES.

James P. Salmon (Prince George's County). Vote YES.

William W. Wenner (Carroll, Howard, Allegany, Frederick, Garrett and Washington counties). Vote YES.

State constitutional amendments

Question 1: Adds more public members to Commission on Judicial Disabilities. FOR.

Question 2: Prohibits late appointments by lame-duck governors. FOR.

Question 3: Removes prohibition against police officers and firefighters serving in the General Assembly. FOR.

Question 4: Allows charter counties to hold special elections to fill vacancies on county councils. FOR.

Question 5: Allows Harford County to elect council by district instead of at-large. FOR.

Question 6: Allows Harford County to condemn property more rapidly for public infrastructure. FOR.

Local ballot issues


Question A: Bond authority for $24 million in community development projects. Vote YES.

Question B: $2 million for fire department improvements. YES.

Question C: $16 million for economic development projects. YES.

Question D: $1 million for asbestos removal. Vote YES.

Question E: $4.7 million for recreation and parks projects. YES.

Question F: $20 million for school construction and renovation. YES.


Question A: Lets the County Council modify Board of Appeals jurisdiction. Vote AGAINST.

Question B: Exempts more contracts from competitive bidding. Vote AGAINST.

Question C: Eliminates need for county departments to organize into core groups. FOR.

L Question D: Modifies procedures for issuing bonds. Vote FOR.

Question E: Increases the hours temporary employees can work each year. AGAINST.

Question F: Allows county executive to create more exempt positions. AGAINST.


Question A: Allows an independent auditor to perform annual government audit. FOR.

Question B: Clarifies that legislative branch workers are exempt employees. FOR.

Question C: Allows the County Council to delegate purchasing functions to specific departments. FOR.

Question D: Allows the executive to reduce appropriations to forestall a deficit. FOR.

Question E: Bond authority for a $29.7 million loan for public works projects. FOR.

Question F: $89.6 million loan for school projects. Vote FOR.

Question G: $1.9 million loan for parks and preservation. FOR.

Question H: $3.2 million loan for waterway improvements. Vote FOR.

Question I: $3.3 million loan for community college projects. Vote FOR.

Question J: $1 million loan for agricultural preservation. Vote FOR.

Question K: $4.6 million loan for community and economic development. FOR.

Question L: $4 million loan for public buildings and equipment. FOR.


Board of Education:

Ann M. Ballard

` Joseph D. Mish Jr.


Question A: Lets county float 40-year bonds for infrastructure. FOR.

Question B: Changes title of council secretary to council administrator. FOR.


Question A: Clarifies language on forfeiture of office. Vote FOR.

Question B: Establishes commission for councilmanic redistricting. Vote AGAINST.

Question C: Removes requirement for December legislative session. FOR.

Question D: New legislation goes into effect 61 days after enactment. FOR.

Question E: Maximum fines rise to $1,000 for defying council orders. FOR.

Question F: Changes title in section of charter to "Board of Appeals." FOR.

Question G: Capital equipment purchases must have three years of life. FOR.

Question H: Technical change for "rainy day" fund calculations. FOR.

Question I: Allows county to form more purchasing partnerships. FOR.

Question J: Bans gifts to council members of more than "nominal value." FOR.

jTC Question K: Creates alternatives to personnel firing in conflict of interest cases. FOR.

Question L: Changes titles of council secretary and county administrator. FOR.

Question M: Makes pronouns in charter gender-neutral. Vote FOR.

Board of Education:

! Francine Wishnick

Circuit Court:

Diane O. Leasure

Donna Hill Staton

Pub Date: 11/03/96

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