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November 03, 1996|By James H. Bready | James H. Bready,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

In an article that appeared Nov. 3 on Page 5F in The Sun, the former publisher was listed for the series "Maryland Seafood Cookbooks." The books are now published by Eastwind in Annapolis.

The Sun regrets the error.

(O) means oversize; (P) means paperbound

Autobiography, Memoirs

"No Free Ride: From the Mean Streets to the Mainstream," by Kweisi Mfume with Ron Stodghill II (Ballantine. 375 pages. $25). From Turners Station to Congress to the NAACP - a high road.


"The Miss Dennis School of Writing and Other Lessons From a Woman's Life," by Alice Steinbach (Bancroft. 307 pages. $22.95). Columns, reflections.

"Urban Rhythms, Urban Blues: Life in the Big City," by Wiley A. Hall 3d (Shannon. 246 pages. $16.95). Columns from The Evening Sun, 1985-1995.


"In Defense of Marion: The Love of Marion Bloom and H.L. Mencken," edited by Edward A. Martin (University of Georgia Press. 464 pages. $65). Was he a sage or a cad?

"Fascist Eagle: Italy's Air Marshal Italo Balbo," by Blaine Taylor (Pictorial Histories. 144 pages, 154 photos. $14.95) Il Duce's rival?(P).

"Hernando de Soto," by David Ewing Duncan (Crown. 570 pages. $40). The Mississippi's conquistador.

Chesapeake Bay

"Bay Beacons: Lighthouses of the Chesapeake Bay," by Linda )) Turbyville (Eastwind. 138 pages. $29.95). Seventy-some originals, 34 survivors.

"John M. Barber's Chesapeake," by John M. Barber. Text by John R. Valliant (Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. 96 pages. $59.95). Paintings and sketches, excelling at detail and nostalgia.

"An Island Out of Time: A Memoir of Smith Island in the Chesapeake," by Tom Horton (Norton. 316 pages. $25). Norton's Horton's fifth Bay book.

"Chesapeake Bay in the Civil War," by Eric Mills (Tidewater. 315 pages. $29.95). The book on it.

"Lighting the Bay: Tales of Chesapeake Lighthouses," by Pat Vojtech (Tidewater. 208 pages. $34.95) Very collectible. (O).

Cooking, Eating

"Tasting Food, Tasting Freedom: Excursions Into Eating, Culture and the Past," by Sidney Mintz. (University of North Carolina. 464 pages. $45). By a Johns Hopkins scientist-cum-connoisseur.)

"Skinny Italian Cooking," by Ruth Glick and Nancy Baggett (Surrey. 194 pages. $12.95).

"A Taste of Catholicism: Recipes for the Body and Soul," by many hands (Cathedral Foundation Press. 240 pages. $15) (P).

"Maryland Seafood Cookbooks," from the state Office of Seafood Marketing. (Three volumes: Traditional Tidewater Recipes, Recipes From Maryland Chefs, Contemporary Cuisine Recipes. 48, 76, 76 pages. $6.95 each) (P).

Critical Studies

"Revising Herself: Women's Identity From College to Midlife," by Ruthellen Josselson (Oxford. 291 pages. $25). How each of 30 women turned out: as guardian, pathmaker, searcher or drifter.

"Art as Politics in the Third Reich," by Jonathan Petropoulos (University of North Carolina. 464 pages. $45). Nazi plundering of European museums and collections.

"To Hell and Back With Dante: A Modern Reader's Guide," by Joseph Gallagher (Triumph. 226 pages. $14.95) Canto by canto (P).


"The Hippopotamus Pool," by Elizabeth Peters (Barbara Mertz) (Warner. 384 pages. $22.95) Archaeology in 19th-century Egypt - and suspense.

"Mason's Retreat," by Christopher Tilghman (Random. 274 pages. $22). A crumbling Shore farm, in the 1930s; a crumbling family.

"Ten Indians," by Madison Smartt Bell (Pantheon. 272 pages. $23). An inner-city black-belt school. Dangerous kids. Here, now.

"Black Light," by Stephen Hunter (Doubleday. 463 pages. $23.95). Seventh novel by the master of grit, gunfire and gripping action.

"Men on Men 6: Best New Gay Fiction," edited by David Bergman (Plume. 336 pages. $12.95). A short-story annual; here, 20 authors (P).

"Executive Orders," by Tom Clancy (Putnam. 875 pages. $27.95). Jack Ryan is in command - of the whole United States.

"Annapolis," by William Martin (Warner. 865 pages. $24.95). Starring the U.S. Navy.

"The Last Pumpkin Paper," by Bob Oeste (Random. 267 pages. $23). Alger Hiss and Richard Nixon, in a final confrontation.

Guides, Travel

"Inns and Colonial Homes of Maryland," by Donna Day (Eastwind. 64 pages. $12.95). Fifty-some places to sleep and eat; 30 historic houses (P).

"An Amateur's Guide to the Planet," by Jeannette Belliveau (Beau Monde. 267 pages. $24). You dream of roaming the globe? She did it. (P).


"Antietam," accounts written by men who fought there in 1862 (Time-Life Books' Voices of the Civil War Series. 168 pages. $29.95) (O).

"Grant's Canal: The Union's Attempt to Bypass Vicksburg," by David F. Bastian (Burd Street. 88 pages. $6.95) (P).

"Battleship Missouri," by Paul Stillwell (Naval Institute. 450 pages. $55). Includes 1950's 15-day Chesapeake Bay grounding.

Local History

"A Century of Striving for Justice: The Maryland State Bar Association, 1896-1996," by James F. Schneider (266 pages. Illustrated. $27.75).

"Money and Banking in Maryland," by Denwood N. Kelly, Armand M. Shank Jr. and Thomas S. Gordon (Maryland Historical Society. 533 pages. $65).

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