Neck newsNeckerchiefs aren't just for Rover anymore. Small...


November 03, 1996|By Janice D'Arcy | Janice D'Arcy,SUN STAFF

Neck news

Neckerchiefs aren't just for Rover anymore. Small scarves tied at the neck -- popular among supermodels and celebrities -- have become the accessory of the moment. The red cotton squares may give your pet Labrador a rugged air, but the silk patterned versions add a Parisian flair to any woman's outfit as replacements for a necklace. They're best with a crew neck or open collar. The $28 cognac and black square shown here is from Echo.

In service of lips

Cosmetic companies are finally catching on to the fact that women are too busy to reapply lipstick a dozen times a day. A few mass-market lipstick lines that promised all-day color, like Revlon's ColorStay, which sells for about $8, were greeted with cheers. However, some women complained the new formulas were drier and chalkier than old-fashioned lines.

Now the luxury cosmetics companies are getting in the game. This year, just about every high-end cosmetic brand, from Shiseido to Lancome to Estee Lauder -- whose Indelible Lipstick is shown here -- are launching long-lasting lines. They promise beautiful, maintenance-free lips, but the prices are also bigger, hovering around $15 a stick. What price glamour? Jeans have survived decades of fashion changes, but old blue is about to get a jolt of color. Jeans in green, red and purple -- especially purple -- are popping up everywhere from fashion shows to the Gap. The hot ones tend to be on the slimmer, tighter side, like the leather burgundy ones shown here. And they come in a variety of fabrics besides denim, too, such as cotton and velvet.

Baltimore trendsetters will be happy to know there's a new source for mod vinyl pants, satin skirts and plenty of burnt velvet. Bombshell, a store packed with streetwear for the hip, opened recently at 8 E. Franklin St. Prices run in the affordable range from $10 to $60. According to Bombshell's staff, stretch Lycra and rayon party dresses, and everything vinyl, are the most popular items. And because they believe in fashion equality for the sexes, they're bringing in a line of leopard-print pieces and vinyl for men.

Pub Date: 10/03/96

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