Atlantic Beverage moving its headquarters to Illinois No impact expected on Baltimore business

Executive suite

November 02, 1996|By Jay Hancock | Jay Hancock,SUN STAFF

Continuing its moves away from beverages and Baltimore, Atlantic Beverage Co. said yesterday that it cemented a long-term employment deal with its Chicago-based CEO and planned to officially move its headquarters from Baltimore to Northbrook, a Chicago suburb.

Atlantic has been unofficially based in the Chicago area since March, when it appointed Alan F. Sussna as chief executive and started buying up small processed meat companies in the South.

Sussna, 39, lives in the Chicago area. He called the headquarters move "nothing more than a housekeeping address change" and said "there's really not going to be any impact on the beverage business in Baltimore."

None of Atlantic's 100 or so Baltimore employees will be transferred to Northbrook, he said.

Atlantic Beverage started looking westward earlier this year when Chicago-based Sterling Capital, which had bought the company in 1991, decided to table its strategy of piecing together regional beverage distributors and instead concentrate on meats.

It appointed Sussna, a Sterling principal, as chief executive of Atlantic. And it proceeded to buy companies that sold sausages Kentucky, Louisiana and Texas bearing the brands Blue Ribbon, Carlton, Richard's and Grogan's.

Despite the company's move away from beverages and into meats, Sussna said, it has no intention of selling its Maryland beverage division.

"What we're trying to do is build a group of companies that are strong in branded goods in distribution and manufacturing," he said.

Sussna and other executives are also "exploring alternatives" for a name change, now that the company is more meat the beverage. Atlantic distributes Royal Mistic and other juices, sodas and teas in the Baltimore-Washington area.

Pub Date: 11/02/96

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