Wynn, Hoyer and Morella again Sun endorsements: Incumbents in D.C. suburbs merit re-election to Congress.

November 01, 1996

MARYLAND'S THREE congressional districts near Washington represent a wide range of voters, from the $l majority-black 4th District to the conservative influence of Southern Maryland on the 5th and the affluent 8th. What ties these dis- tricts together is their proximity to the nation's capital and their high numbers of federal workers. The incumbents are in tune with their districts, and The Sun endorses their re-election.

In the heavily Democratic 4th District, covering inner Prince George's County and a sliver of Montgomery, Republicans don't have a credible candidate against Mr. Wynn. The two-term incumbent has yet to live up to his potential. Nevertheless, he is vastly more qualified than his opponent, John B. Kimble.

Even though he narrowly defeated a far better candidate in the GOP primary, Mr. Kimble hasn't run much of a campaign this fall. Recently, he has been distracted by legal problems and has cited the large congressional salary as one reason for his current interest in the job.

Republicans thought their best shot at ousting an incumbent was in the 5th, covering Southern Maryland, much of Prince George's and southern Anne Arundel. Redistricting shifted Rep. tTC Steny H. Hoyer onto more conservative turf and Republican Del. John S. Morgan has a very conservative record in Annapolis.

But Mr. Hoyer shifted his votes to the center. Perhaps more critical, he helped engineer a big job expansion at the Patuxent River Naval Air Station. Mr. Morgan showed verve and bright ideas this fall, but Mr. Hoyer, a leader in the state delegation and in the House Democratic hierarchy, has earned another term.

In Montgomery County's 8th District, the resume of Democratic standard bearer Donald Mooers includes experience as a State Department adviser. But he has not managed to make a compelling case to turn out a popular, effective incumbent. For five terms, Rep. Connie Morella has ably represented her district as a moderate Republican, defying party pressures to conform to a rigid agenda.

The Sun endorses Albert Wynn in the 4th, Steny Hoyer in the 5th and Connie Morella in the 8th Congressional District.

Pub Date: 11/01/96

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