Vito Stellino's power rankings

November 01, 1996|By VITO STELLINO

1. Dallas: With Michael Irvin back, Cowboys are back on top.

2. San Francisco: Only the 49ers could win with Jeff Brohm.

3. Green Bay: Injuries have crippled the receiving corps.

4. Pittsburgh: Jerome Bettis will remind the Rams how good he is.

5. Denver: Broncos don't like the Chiefs' blocks.

6. Philadelphia: Can Barry Switzer blow another game vs. the Eagles?

7. Washington: All the Redskins do is win.

8. Buffalo: Bills have seen their best days.

9. Houston: Jeff Fisher knows how to coach a lame-duck team.

10. Indianapolis: Jim Harbaugh may be running out of comebacks.

11. Kansas City: Chiefs are still defending those blocks.

12. New England: Drew Bledsoe may be finding himself.

13. Carolina: Panthers can teach the Falcons how to run a team.

14. Miami: Does Jimmy Johnson miss Troy Aikman and Co.?

15. Minnesota: The bye week didn't do much for the Vikings.

16. San Diego: Bobby Ross is getting frustrated.

17. Seattle: Are the Seahawks turning it around?

18. Oakland: Did the bye week help the Raiders?

19. Detroit: When will Wayne Fontes pull his QB this week?

20. Ravens: Yo, fans, you're supposed to stay for overtime.

21. N.Y. Giants: At least Dan Reeves' teams play hard.

22. Jacksonville: Will Tom Couglin have dinner with Andre Rison?

23. Arizona: How could the Cardinals lose to the Jets?

24. Chicago: Is Dave Krieg old enough for Social Security?

25. St. Louis: Rams' TV ratings are double those of the Ravens.

26. Cincinnati: Can Bruce Coslet make a difference?

27. New Orleans: Rick Venturi boasts an NFL mark of 1-10.

L 28. Tampa Bay: At least the Bucs kept it close in Green Bay.

29. N.Y. Jets: Did they blow Peyton Manning last week?

30. Atlanta: Easy schedule still could cost the Falcons Manning.

Pub Date: 11/01/96

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