Playoff hopes * UP * They're going to Disney World!Rick...

Buster Olney's O's week in review

September 29, 1996|By BUSTER OLNEY

Playoff hopes * UP * They're going to Disney World!

Rick Krivda * UP * His win over the Red Sox Wednesday will forever change the way he's looked at by this team.

Cal Ripken * UP * Just as the playoffs are about to start, he's swinging the bat well again.

Starting pitching * EVEN * Krivda and Rocky Coppinger were great this week, but David Wells and Mike Mussina must get squared away in a hurry if this team is going to make any impact in the postseason.

Cleveland Indians * UP * Right now, they're the best team in the majors.

Alan Mills * DOWN * Even if he does come back from his strained groin, he may still struggle with his command. The Orioles need him to deal with Albert Belle, Julio Franco and Kevin Seitzer.

Brady Anderson * UP * The Orioles have had their share of disappointments and surprises, but he's been the biggest and best surprise this year.

B.J. Surhoff * UP * Seems to be emerging from his slump, as the playoffs begin.

Todd Zeile * DOWN * Seems to be falling into a slump, as the playoffs approach.

The bullpen * EVEN * With Mills at less than full strength, the Orioles must have exceptional performances by Armando Benitez and Terry Mathews.


"Oh, how I love Krivda."

Orioles manager Davey Johnson, after emergency starter Rick Krivda beat Boston on Wednesday night.

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