A real farmer, not a developer in disguiseI read the...


September 29, 1996

A real farmer, not a developer in disguise

I read the letter written by Edward Primoff published in The Sun in Carroll on Sept. 15. Mr. Primoff indicated that the commissioners would not place a farmer on the planning and zoning commission.

I hope that this letter will disabuse that notion since we did place an active farmer, Melvin Baile, on that commission. Mr. Baile might not be the farmer Mr. Primoff would like to have on that commission because Mr. Baile does not wear a developer's hat under his farmer's hat. He loves to farm the way most farmers in this county do, without developments surrounding them as to curtail their operations.

As Mr. Primoff suggests, the next election will tell whether our selection was a good one. If we are wrong, the voters will so indicate and new selections will be made. No matter which way the vote goes, my conscience will be clear because I act and vote the way a majority of the good voters of this county elected me to do in the last election.

Richard T. Yates


The writer is a Carroll County commissioner.

Glendening did right on immigrants

As an immigrant and a citizen, I applaud Gov. Parris N. Glendening's decision to pay benefits to legal immigrants in this state. In my opinion, he did the right thing.

When I learned of this law discriminating against legal immigrants to this great country, I kept hoping that this would be corrected in the interest of fairness.

I am glad that Maryland is not disappointing me, and is taking the lead.

Marcio V. Pinheiro


Bewildered by Lewis' 'perspective'

For more years than I care to remember, I have enjoyed, and often disagreed with, your "perspectives." Now, for the first time, I'm bewildered rather than "happy" or "critical." What justification can you offer for reprinting the Andrea Lewis diatribe in Perspective on Sept. 15 ("A CIA plot against black America?")?

In my all-too-long life, I've encountered hundreds of such exposes not only in the United States but in many other countries. To those I offer two essentially different protests.

First, if the expose contains an essentially rational statement that has validity, I can accept it even as I reject the diatribe that carries it. In this, I agree with Jack Kemp's endorsement of Louis Farrakhan's call for "black responsibility, parental duty, etc." without endorsing the spokesman.

Second, if the expose circulates false information, impugns the motivation of the person or organization, or denies that the accused may have been victim of deception or manipulation by an associate I can do nothing other than to denounce the source of the allegation. Let's never forget that such "exposes" were a standard product of Soviet intelligence during the Cold War.

John Hanson


Are we doing enough to attract industry?

It is hard to fault your editorial calling for "a more concerted effort throughout the county to improve the promotion of and attractions for industrial growth" (The Sun, Oct. 11). Unfortunately, no jurisdiction in Carroll County is "lapping up all the gravy" from this important and necessary tax base.

There could be several reasons. One is that we aren't trying very hard. At the corner of Routes 26 and 32 in Eldersburg, there is an industrial park which is slowly being turned into a mecca for retail businesses despite the county's own Development Review Handbook which argues against it. As industrial land is lost to Carroll's "good ol' boys," where will we put the new companies that want to locate here?

Perhaps we need more experienced people working on economic development. I can't help but wonder how many business and industrial contacts are made each month each week to point out the benefits of Carroll County. We are close to Baltimore, Washington, York, Pa., and other points on all sides of the compass. Our area is positioned well. Are we doing enough to generate the interest? Are we working to improve the quality of life that is sought by companies looking to relocate or build? Has the county looked in the mirror at itself with an eye toward improving what it sees?

Fortunately, the South Carroll Business Association is trying its best to improve the appearance of Eldersburg, but the county isn't doing its share. Unsightly billboards and a lack of fines for illegal signage have caused the "downtown" part of our community to look like honky-tonk city instead of the village most of us would like. A sign law with teeth in it, and some enforcement that includes fines, would go a long way toward making a better appearance.

Gene Edwards


Quit making excuses for Rep. Bartlett

Quit making excuses for Rep. Roscoe Bartlett in the 6th District. Challenger Steve Crawford labels Mr. Bartlett an extremist because Maryland voters need to know of his radical bTC views. Even people within his own party say he's extreme. Mr. Bartlett may carry around a copy of the U.S. Constitution but he interprets it according to his own logic.

Would any person who earns a minimum wage vote for him if they knew millionaire Mr. Bartlett was the only Maryland Congressman to vote against an increase in the minimum wage? Why would any law-abiding citizen vote for Mr. Bartlett when he favors letting people use assault weapons that should be used only by soldiers? Whey would any government employee vote for Mr. Bartlett when he helped shut down the government, preferring blackmail to advice and consent?

Roscoe Bartlett's record is that he has aligned himself with big lobby groups, has poor staff responsiveness, disregards constituent needs and offers bills like taking Playboy out of military exchanges. With a record so poor, this election will also be a referendum on the voters of the 6th District.

David L. Osmundson


Pub Date: 9/29/96

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