Marlo Morgan's "Mutant Message Down Under." It's wonderful...

I'm Reading. . .

September 29, 1996

Marlo Morgan's "Mutant Message Down Under." It's wonderful because it allows a glimpse into the Australian aboriginal world uncorrupted by the unnatural trappings we humans have invented. ... A great book along the same lines is Arthur Versluis' "Sacred Earth: The Spiritual Landscape of North America."

I'm also reading Robin Murphy's "Lotus Materia Medica." It's one of the new generation of Materia Medicas (Books of homeopathic remedies). It's comprehensive, extensive - indispensible for anyone interested in homeopathy. And because I'm a drummer I love, "The Drummers Path: Moving the Spirit with Ritual and Traditional Drumming," by Sule Greg Wilson.

- Stephanie Panos Link, a freelance writer and artist from Hampstead, was an organizer of the Baltimore Rhythm and Percussion Festival earlier this month. She is on the Board of Directors of the city's Rhythm and Drumming Society and plays for a band called "Girls Just Wanna Have Drums."

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