150 years ago in The SunOct. 3: Yesterday as the cars were...

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September 29, 1996|By Fred Rasmussen

150 years ago in The Sun

Oct. 3: Yesterday as the cars were coming into the Pratt Street Depot, they knocked down the staging upon which some of the workers were engaged in plastering the building, and one of the men fell, dislocating a shoulder.

100 years ago in The Sun

Sept. 30: Although Baltimore has won the championship three successive years, the Orioles have not had any pitcher of pre-eminent ability, such as Rusie or Cy Young, or Meekin in his prime. But the weakest point in the Baltimore club has always been the pitching department.

50 years ago in The Sun

Oct. 1: BULLETIN --

Nurenberg, Tuesday, Oct. 1 (AP) -- The international military tribunal handed down guilty verdicts today against 19 of 22 Nazi ringleaders tried on war crimes' charges, including Herman Goering, Rudolf Hess and Joachim von Ribbentrop.

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