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September 27, 1996|By Bill Free

What's new: Veteran Washington offensive tackle Ed Simmons said this week that a buildup of fluid on his knee is causing him as many problems as he has faced in recent years in preparing for a game.

"It's just kind of congested and I had the fluid drained, causing the knee to be sore," said Simmons, who is in his 10th year with the Redskins and known for playing with injuries. "The pain is in the back of my mind, but I don't see it preventing me from playing."

Simmons, the last remaining link on the offensive line to the "Hogs" of the glory years, said the knee started to bother him after the 31-10 victory over the New York Giants two weeks ago.

"I guess just being on the turf caused it," he said. "If the team is concerned that it might be a long-term problem, they might decide to put someone else in my position. For now, I've been practicing every day and treating it as one of those painful things you go through in the NFL."

Simmons is listed as probable for the New York Jets game Sunday. Coach Norv Turner said the 6-foot-5, 335-pound lineman would play.

Next game: Guess who's doing the talking for the 0-4 Jets in an attempt to pull the team out of its slump? It's not quarterback Neil O'Donnell or coach Rich Kotite.

It's rookie wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson, the Jets' No. 1 pick and the first player taken in the 1996 draft. Johnson spoke to the team during a meeting after Sunday's 13-6 loss to the New York Giants, telling his teammates, "It's time to step up; sitting back and not doing anything isn't getting it. It isn't cutting it. Where's the leadership; where's it at?"

Asked why he decided to speak up, Johnson said, "I'm trying to win football games, not trying to sit around and go 0-16 or anything of that nature. I give my 110 percent every single down, every single play."

What Norv Turner said: "I look at the Jets playing on the road in Miami, it's a hot day and with six minutes left it's a six-point game [New York was down six in an eventual 36-27 loss two weeks ago]. I have to be impressed with that performance."

Pub Date: 9/27/96


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